Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Knit or Crochet a New Handbag for Spring

Spring is approaching, brighten up your look with the fabulously stylish & functional new handbag Bedouin by Nora Bellows of Noni. Roomy Bedouin Bag In Three Sizes is knit and can be felted or left unfelted. Have fun selecting your colors, do one in a neutral for everyday use and another in a bright color to spread cheer on a rainy Spring day.

Or for a different look knit and felt one of Noni's Three Sassy, Skinny Tube Baguettes, the long shape has a wide opening that runs it's length making it ideal for toting a sock project. Work one in a solid and another in stripes.

Three Sassy, Skinny Tube Baguettes

National Crochet Month
Beside the arrival of Spring March is also National Crochet month. Nora has teamed up with the crochet expert Stacey Trock of Freshstitches and has had Stacey translate her popular handbag designs into crochet.

Flamenco Bag is crocheted and felted, and can be beaded or not.

While the Petite Four Bags in Crochet have a vintage-style, romantic feel to them. Both designs are perfect for a bride, the bridesmaids or for you to carry to a wedding.

Going somewhere for Spring Break? Take one of these traveling companions.

Hobo genre Nomad Bag in Crochet is easy to crochet, felt, and finish. With three imminently practical sizes it will hold all your necessities.

The Adventure Bags in Crochet are unstructured with a soft drape that make them relaxed & roomy enough for all your essentials.

The Peony Little Purse in Crochet is the lunch-sized companion to the Clematis Shopping Bag. A stylish alternative to the typical plastic lunch sack, it can be made striped and adorned with the Peony flower for a feminine look, or try rugby stripes or solids for a great-looking but entirely unisex and utilitarian tote.

Add a little flair to your practical side with either Noni's Perfect Fit Laptop Bag in Crochet or her Everything but the Baby Bag in Crochet.

Cascade 220 Wool is the ideal worsted weight yarn to knit, crochet & felt any of these handbag projects in. And begin one today and you'll have it finished in time to give to your mom or grandmother on Mother's Day.

And Freshstitches has also just released a new pattern for Spring, the adorable garden Gnomes. The pattern contains TWO cuties for the price of one! Since it's an easy pattern, one of these gnomes would make a great pattern to start with... and you'll love the result!

Thank you for taking a moment to share my Spring news. I look forward to hearing about which project you work on and, as usual, I'm always happy to help you with any of your fiber arts needs.

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