Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kitman Figueroa & Damask Shawl Kit Giveaway

Thank you to everyone who entered! We have our winner, Peg (mayounger on Ravelry)! Peg, you have 24 hours to email me @ to claim your prize!

Celebrate Malabrigo March Madness with the very clever knitwear designer Kitman Figueroa! Last November I discovered Kitman's work and quickly added her exquisite lacey shawl patterns and other accessories to my website. This month she's one of the designers whose work is being applauded by the Malabrigo Junkies group on Ravelry, they selected her beautiful Damask Shawl for an official Malabrigo March Madness KAL and the KAL is open to all Ravelry members who love Mal yarn.

For this Blog Giveaway Kitman has generously donated a Damask Shawl pattern and I'm throwing in a skein of Malabrigo Sock to knit it in, more on how to enter below. This Giveaway ends March 23, giving the winner plenty of time to join the Malabrigo Junkies KAL.


Malabrigo Sock Lettuce

Kitman's work first attracted my attention when I found her Peacock Shawlette on Ravelry. It was clear that Kitman had a flair for designing lace and this lovely creation is worked from the bottom up in two skeins of Claudia Hand Painted Fingering and I thought it would look beautiful in the Fingering dyed in the exclusive Yarns On Stage colorway Zebra. Kitman agreed, along with many of my customers! Her patterns quickly became popular and many were knit throughout November and December as holiday gifts for many lucky recipients.

Peacock Shawlette

Besides generously donating her pattern this fellow Texan has also taken the time to answer some interview questions for us, lets get to know her a little better!

Meet Kitman: My name is Kitman Figueroa, born at Malaysia and now residing at Plano, TX. I love knitting and enjoy designing as well. I love green, purple and turquoise. At the moment, I am insanely in love with sock yarn! My yarn, addi needles and laptop are my best friends!

1. Please tell us about yourself and what got you interested in knitting and designing knitwear.
I am a Malaysian who married a Texan and now residing in Plano, TX. I was a retail pharmacist before I am married and now I am a full time house wife with plenty of times to knit. I started knitting when I was still in college and the first thing i knitted was a sweater for my hubby. (boyfriend back then). I stopped knitting for several years and picked up again at year 2005. I started designing around 2008 and things get more serious last year.

2. What is your design philosophy?
I like to try different kind of knitting stitches and hope to use them to make unique designs. I guess my philosophy is a simple one; it just has to be beautiful! =)

3. Who or what inspires you the most in your design process?
I would say beautiful yarn inspire me a lot and also the supports from my family.

4. What direction do you see yourself heading in as a designer?
I will keep making more shawls and definitely will design other knitwear in the future.

5. How have the advances in technology and the internet helped you (or hindered) you as a knitwear designer?
It helps A LOT!!! I self learned most of the knitting skills online through some informative forums. I can say, without Ravelry, my designs won't be known by other knitters that easily. Also, with the advances in technology and internet, I manage to know more about other designers' works as well in order to inspire me in my own designs.

Kitman thank you so much for taking the time to talk to with us, it was a pleasure getting to know you and we look forward to seeing more designs from you.

From her beautiful lace shawls to a comfy pair of slippers visit my site to see Kitman's entire collection. And all of Kitman's patterns are available as PDFs that are emailed to you after purchase with no shipping charges.


Both Damask and Be.Leaf are knit with one skein of Malabrigo Sock and all Malabrigo Yarns are 20% Off until March 31st. Enter Coupon Code: mal2011 to receive your discount. At the same time you can order any other yarn, paper patterns, magazines and needles & notions and receive 20% off your entire order.

Excluded in this Offer:
patterns sold as PDFs, knitting bags, dyeloted bags of yarn and any item that is already on sale. Offer may not be combined with any other and it is not retroactive.

Damask Pattern & Malabrigo Sock Giveaway includes the pattern, emailed to the winner as a PDF, and 1 skein of Malabrigo Sock in Lettuce. No purchase is necessary to enter and the winner will be announced on March 23, 2011.

Enter this Giveaway:
The more ways you enter, the more chances you have to win and make sure to leave a comment telling exactly what you did to enter. And please make sure to include your contact information.

1. Leave a comment about your favorite Kitman Figueroa pattern, under this blogpost.
2. Blog about this Giveaway on your blog and link it, leave a comment under this blogpost with the link back to your blogpost.
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Jessica said...

I'm new to shawls and lace knitting and am working on my very first, but I already know what my second pattern will be. I'm simply in love with the Peacock Shawlette. How absolutely elegant!

jessica at myknits dot com

** I follow your blog
** I'm a member of your ravelry group
** I receive your newsletter

Ruby said...

I love the Be.Leaf and the Damask. My Shawlitis partner did the Damask for me. And I absolutely love it. Now I want to knit it myself.

Ravelry: mzcruse
FB: Ruby Cruse

Carolknitssweaters said...

I really like the Taj Mahal pattern

Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

oh my gosh, i ADORE that be.leaf. so gorgeous!

I'm definitely a follower!

Audrey Friedman said...

I have several of Kitman's designs on my "to do" list. The Peacock Shawlette, the Damask, oh... Kitman, thanks for the giveaway offer, and thanks for the inspiration!

Poemlady on Ravelry

Michelle said...

Love the Tulip hat. Perfect for spring!

Barbara said...

Beautiful designs! I just love the Pretty in Misti Shrug and Taj-Mahal.

- friend on FB and liked the post
- follower on Twitter
- signed up for newsletter
- follower of blog :)

meditativerose on Ravelry

suburban prep said...

I am so into shawls lately and I love love the Batik shawl.

I belong to your ravelry site.

I follow your blog.

msgb245 at gmail dot com

Lara said...

I like the Peacock pattern.

I also follow your blog.

bookwormdjibouti on Rav

Michaela said...

I love the Peacock Shawl, and I will actually be knitting it next, once I finish the shawl I currently have on my needles.
I have joined your Ravelry group and posted a little note saying hi. I am also subscribing to your newsletter.
Thank you for a beautiful giveaway!

I can be found on Ravelry as Knitmish

Janine said...

I just finished my first Kitman project - Batik - and I am planning to try Jaali next. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your contest.

Sara said...

The Peacock Shawlette is Awesome!

I love, love knitting shawls...and the Damask Shawl Kit you are giving away is really speaking to me.

Sarah said...

those comfy slippers look so, well, comfy! those are probably my fave pattern :)

sadiekate2001 at

Debbie said...

The Tulip Grace Hat is my favourite!

Debbie said...

I follow your Sandra Singh BLOG!

Debbie said...

3. Join my Ravelry group and introduce yourself in the "Welcome Tell us About Yourself..." thread.


Debbie said...

9. Sign up for my Newsletter on my Home Page.

Debbie said...

5. Friend me on Facebook: Sandra Singh and say you "Like" my post about this Giveaway.

Debbie said...

6. Announce this Giveaway (with the link) on Facebook


quinn said...

Thanks for this giveway!
All the shawls are lovely - it would be difficult to choose a favorite.
The comfy slippers look like a quick and fun project - I'll be looking for projects on rav :)

quinn on rav

Katherine said...

I love these shawls several are already in my rav queue. Peacock is my favorite

|chee-uh| said...

I have test knitted for Kitman on an unreleased scarf and she was a pleasure to knit for. I'm looking forward to making Damask or Batik but I like all of her patterns.

monkalicious on Ravelry

Following blog (UmeUmeUme)
Following on twitter
Signed up for newsletter - munkiknits
Joined Rav group

Penni said...

I have accomplished 4! Going for at least 6!! I love Kitman's patterns! Own 2 and have 4 more in my cart! Thanks for having such a great giveaway.

Anu said...

Wow! lovely giveaway!
I loved all her designs - but the Peacock shawl and the Batik are beautiful!

Please count me in - I am babyloveknit on Ravelry

marianne said...

oooh, I love the Batik shawl!

thanks for this giveaway!

beforesunrise on ravelry

Sarah said...

I think right now my favourite is the yet-unnamed cable and slipped stitch design Kitman shared as a "sneak peak" on the Rav group! I also really love Batik though :)

SarahVV on Rav

Ruth G. said...

I love all this lady's patterns...Batik is the pattern that first caught my eye tho and taj mahal would be next. She is such an exciting designer...

affiknity said...

Taj Mahal is gorgeous. What delicate lace - it's a beauty!

QBabe (Tonia) said...

I LOVE Kitman's patterns and have quite a few in my queue that I plan to do: Damask, Batik, Gossamer, Precious, and Peacock Shawlette to name just a few, LOL! Combine those with Malabrigo and you can't go wrong. This Mal Junkie is a happy, happy camper!

* I don't have a blog, but if I did, I'd post about your contest.
* Soon as I finish here, I'll off to join your Ravelry group.
* Announced this contest on another Ravelry group.
* Off to sign up for your newsletter and follow your blog.

Thanks to both you and Kitman for doing this!

QBabe on Ravelry

norabrown said...

I love all her shawls and have bought all her shawl patterns. I think it was Peacock that first got my attention.

Em said...

Be.Leaf is Be.autiful!

Rav: ahappyaccident

Anonymous said...

I love the Taj- Mahal shawl. It is so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I blogged about this post at

I also friended you on facebook and shared the giveaway, but I can not like the post until you accept me as a friend.

patsy said...

I like the tulip grace hat and the comfy slippers. They do look comfy.

Thneedknitter said...

The Batik pattern is gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

I love the taj-mahal shawl, and Im knitting one for my mum...Im waiting for the new pattern...

Raverly: Aletis
Signed up for your newsletter

Gina P said...

I LOVE all of her designs, the Taj Mahal is my favorite but all of them have their own unique favorite characteristic/flare. I think the Damask shawl is amazing because of the very special yarn over edging and that the edge is not circular or triangular, instead it has it's own unique design. I'm so glad to read that she plans to do more shawls!

Knittingdancer on Ravelry said...

I like the Be.Leaf Shawl and the Tulip Grace Hat.

Laurel said...

I love the Peacock Shawlette and the Tulip Grace Hat. (also love, love, love the Lettuce Malabrigo!)

mama2russians at gmail dot com

Laurel said...

I follow your blog already.

mama2russins at gmail dot com

Laurel said...

I get your newsletter...and LOVE it!

mama2russians at gmail dot com

kristyh1981 said...

The Peacock shawlette for sure! It is just gorgeous!

Rav ID kristyh1981

ddp said...

Hard to decide between Peacock and Taj Mahal but I suppose Peacock ismy favorite.

Julia S said...

I love Batik

stashmuffin said...

Totally digging the damask.

Cat said...

i love the batik and the be.leaf pattern! they look so soft and still very clear.
i get your newsletter, am a follower, am a facebook friend and i am in your ravelry group (and i think i befriended you on ravelry too...) very nice newsletter btw =)

CatKnitting @ ravelry

fiberholic said...

It's hard to pick just one favorite, but I have had the Batik shawl on my "must knit" list for a while now.

Alicia said...

I have loved the Peacock shawl for a long time, it is definitely in my queue. So is Damask, which I have yet to purchase, and would love to knit! Also, Mal Sock is awesome, and lettuce is a great color.

Anonymous said...

Very hard to pick a favorite pattern, but I've been looking for something like the Pretty in Misti shrug for a while now.

(lynnette on Ravelry)

Peg (mayounger on Ravelry) said...

I receive your newsletter.

Peg (mayounger on Ravelry) said...

I already 'like' you on FB.

Peg (mayounger on Ravelry) said...

I belong to you Ravelry group!

rebelyarnmuse on Ravelry said...

I just love the Comfy Slipper Pattern. It looks great and a quick knit for gifts :)

Peg (mayounger on Ravelry) said...

I have ordered some beautiful yarns and patterns from you; and the service has been fabulous! Thanks.

Peg (mayounger on Ravelry) said...

I am going to post it to my LYS forum. Athena Fibers

Peg (mayounger on Ravelry) said...

I am going to attempt to sign up to follow the blog....I am not totally techie savvy!

Peg (mayounger on Ravelry) said...

I commented on the FB post regarding this wonderful giveaway!

barbara143 on ravelry said...

the be leaf shawl is pretty. i haven't done a shawl yet. would like to.

Jackie WP said...

I love Kitman Figeruoa's work.
really love the comphy slippers pattern. will have to have it soon.

Sarah Mac said...

I love the peacock shawlette, and cannot wait to start knitting it! I also love the damask, what great patterns!

Amybel said...

I came over to the blog to comment on the damask, but the peacock is just amazing. Maybe it's that luscious color but it is amazing!

Amybel said...

I am already a member in the Ravelry group!

judyp said...

I can't pick one pattern as a fave, they all speak to me.

Lindr said...

Batik is just lovely - my two favorite things: lace and cables combined. Be still my heart!

I have joined your Ravelry group (lindaran)
I have friended you on Facebook and liked your post (what's not to like?)
I have signed up for your newsletter
I am following your blog.

I'd be more than happy for you to contact me through Ravelry if I should be lucky enough to win this terrific prize!

Beverly said...

1. I LOVE the Peacock Shawlette.
2. I signed up to follow your blog.
3. I am now following you on Twitter.
4. I tweeted about the giveaway.
5. I signed up for the newsletter.
6. I think that's it...I don't Facebook, so I'm out on those opportunities!
7. OH yeah! I joined the Ravelry group and posted in the Welcome Tell Us About Yourself thread.
8. Okay...that is really it.

NanaMay said...

I love Be.Leaf, Batik and Peacock shawlette. They are all so beautiful!

NanaMay on Ravelry

aanderson said...

They are all beautiful. Hard to choose just one
ravelryID aandersonmi

windtea said...

I follow your blog.

Texasknitster said...

LOVE them all but if I had to pick just one it would probably be be leaf (and it's not even red lol).

Texasknitster said...

Heck for this one I even blogged and will let G know about it over on our stash sock ravelry group to see if we can start a thread :-). Thanks so much for all the enabling you give to us knitters!

GnomeSweetGnome said...

I recently participated in a shawlette swap and several people knit up the Peacock shawl for their partners. I'm in love with it! It would look perfect in my favorite colors, too (purple, green, and blue) - always a bonus. :)

Anonymous said...
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Collienchen said...

The Damask shawl is so pretty, pretty, pretty! WANT!!!! ;)

Collienchen @ ravelry

Christine said...

I love the Be.Leaf shawl...the plain with the leafy patterning.

amchart said...

So glad to discover your website. You have an amazing yarn selection. Can't wait to order!
1. I love the Be.Leaf with the fluttery edge.
3. I joined your Ravelry group.
4. I announced your giveaway in four Ravelry groups:
Nebraska Knit & Crochet Guild
Lincoln, Nebraska Knitters Group
KALendar Lovers Group
Knebraska Knitters Group
9. I signed up for your newsletter.
10. I signed up to follow your blog.
WHEW! I seriously want to win this giveaway! amchart on Ravelry

lorraine said...

i dig the tulip grace hat

Marilyn said...

Favorite pattern? Easy: Damask. I've been eyeballing it since last year, I just need to work up the courage and work down the queue. :)

Katrin said...

I love the Damask and Taj Mahal. But really all of her patterns are beautiful.

rainbowscuba on Ravelery

Katrin said...

I am also following your blog.

rainbowscuba on Ravelry

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

The Peacock Shawl is my favorite but all her designs are lovely:)
Iam already a follower and get your newsletter and I'm in your ravelry group.Hugs Darcy

Anonymous said...

I love the Batik shawlette. It is just lovely.
I joined your ravelry group too.

girlieknitwit on rav

Marsha said...

Hands down favorite, BATIK. Absolutely GORGEOUS!
Never used Malabrigo so that would be a treat indeed from what I'm told.

* I follow your blog
* I'm a member of your Ravelry group
* I LIKE you on Facebook
* I receive your newsletter
* Announced the giveaway on Facebook 3 times by accident

Julia said...

I love the peacock shawlette :)

*I follow your blog
*I signed up for your newsletter

Kristen said...

I think my favorite pattern is Batik, but they are all amazing!

Heather J said...

I would love to knit a shawl like that. I love TajMahal and BeLeaf

Marie T said...

The Peacock Shawlette is my favorite, followed by Taj Mahal. Those are definitely some awesome lace patterns. I'm knitmeahamster on Ravelry.

dizchik said...

#1: OMG! I fell in love with the Damask pattern and it is definitely on my queue! one of the few items I will knit for MYSELF! :D who knew Kitman is right near me! Unfortunately I already bought the pattern :( I also love the Batik and Jaali.

#3: post #376 on Ravelry group

#5: I think I did this, at least under

#6: done! fb name is Melanie Cruz Pile

#7: Following as dizchik

#8: check!

#9: signed up! dizzy4311312 at hotmail

#10: following as dizchik, as well as through

*fingers crossed!*

Kenyetta said...

I think Batik is gorgeous!

Kenyetta said...

I joined and posted in Ravelry's
Ravelry name is Kenyetta

Kenyetta said...

I sent you a fb friend request. Fb name is Kenyetta Davis-Richards, can't like post until you accept

Kenyetta said...

I announced the giveaway with the link on Fb

Kenyetta said...

I signed up for your newsletter

Kenyetta said...

I follow your blog

Roberta said...

I love all the lace shawls, it is so difficult to choose just one. I have yet to attempt doing one of these lovely items. I also think that the slippers look very cozy. Would love to win the prize and make my first lace shawl :). The fact that there is a knitalong sounds wonderful for the times when I am sure that I would get into some sort of error state (lol).

Caryn said...

Pretty! Batik is my favorite. Ai actually just purchased by first lace yarn and am waiting for it... can't wait to try. Thanks!
Ravelry: carear783

Jade said...

I love the peacock shawlette!

Rachelle said...

The peacock shawlette would be my favourite.
Rav: sewsable

I already follow your blog
I follow you on twitter
I am a friend on facebook too

Anonymous said...

I blogged about this giveaway

Rebekka said...

The batik shawl is really adorable, I love the scallop edging!

I friended you and liked your post on facebook.

Rebekka on ravelry

Shawn said...

Kitman has very beautiful designs. I love Batik and the peacock shawls.

The Damask would be a dream to knit.

Connie said...

Batik is my favorite. The name is perfect and the lace patten looks like fun.

greyowl60 at yahoo dot com

Jolene Richardson (Jobodesigns on ravelry said...

I've been in love with Damask and Batik since I first saw both of them!

*I'm a follower of the Blog
*I liked your post of FB
*I left this comment!

= 3 entries?

Nadine said...

I really like the Be Leaf pattern. I have fallen heavily for all designs with leaves in them

dmr said...

I think I like both the Be Leaf and the Damask. It would be hard to pick just one so I guess I will Have to make two.

Daisyfleabane said...

It is hard to pick just one being torn between Batik and Damask, but perhaps I'd say Batik is my favorite of her exquisite lace designs!

Shayna said...

I have been dying to knit a Damask shawl since the pattern came out! I follow you on twitter and announced your giveaway and I follow your blog!

AK said...

I love them all

Diane Eskritt said...

I would like to knit Be.Leaf because Damask looks too hard. But if I win, I'm in.

meppybn said...

Oh my goodness, love Batik and that colour - mmmmmm just gorgeous!

I signed up for your newsletter
I follow your blog
A member of rav group
meppybn on rav

Debbie said...

I love the Tulip Grace Hat! I follow your blog
I'm a member of your Ravelry group
I get your newsletter
I'm friends on Facebook
P.S. My birthday is Monday - this would be a great present!

Debbie in Alaska
gussek on Ravelry

Ann K. said...

I just love Damask, but all of your patterns are absolutely stunning! Thanks for keeping me in stitches!

ikkinlala said...

I think my favourite of Kitman's patterns is the Taj-Mahal shawl (but it's hard to choose).

ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

Silvina said...

Wow! All the patterns are beautiful... I really love Batik, it is so me! :)

Silvinasi @ Ravelry

Silvina said...

BTW, I've just signed up for your newsletters! :)

Silvinasi at Ravelry

Dee said...

The Peacock Shawlette is my favorite. Beautiful and classic.

Knititall said...

That's a lovely pattern! The Peacock Shawlette is also really beautiful.

I subscribe to your newsletter,
follow your blog,
follow you on twitter
and tweeted here :)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Like Jessica, I'm new to lace knitting but found several patterns I like. The Peacock Shawlette, because I love a bit of warmth around my throat, and the Batik shawl.

Kae said...

The Damask Shawl kit is awesome. (Fingers crossed) Along with the Damask shawl, I love the boots and the Batik shawl next.All are design masterpieces.

Michelle said...

1. I think first I want to make the Tulip Grace Hat

2. I friended you on FB and mentioned that I liked this post.

3. I announced the giveaway on FB

4. I follow your twitter I am: RainMomma

5. I tweeted the giveaway.

6. I signed up for your newsletter.

7. I publicly follow your blog.

syeda said...

1. I like peacock shawlette and Batik.
2. I link this post to my blog,
3. i have joined your group.
4. i post abut this giveaway on my 2 groups on ravelry.
( 1 ) syeda's knitting and crochet group and
( 2 ) syeda's pk/ dk knitting and crochet group .
5. I like you on facebook
6. i have shared this post on facebook.
7.follow you on twitter.
8. link this on twitter.
9. sign up for newsletter.
10. follow your blog.

ThirtyOneThirteen said...

Lovely pattern! I have been eyeing it for a while. Gorgeous yarn, too!

ThirtyOneThirteen on Ravelry. :)

g8rfanjr said...

All so pretty. Batik is my favorite!!!

g8rfanjr said...

Batik is my favorite!

Sarah said...

Love the peacock shawlette! I've never made a shawl, but its definitely on the to do list!

Siddis back home said...

Oh, I will love to win, but with all this comments I know that will never happen, good luck to everyone!

Nannyjean said...

sI am into lace shawls and you really out did your self with the Marschallin and the Tia Mahal. I am looking for a pattern to put on the needles now. Just finissublentihed one,

Peg (mayounger on Ravelry) said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am beyond thrilled to be the lucky winner. I will be stalking my mailbox until this lovely gift arrives!

rathgrith (same on rav) said...

I am most of the way through Damask, so that's my favorite so far! I think I might cast on Taj Mahal next. I like that her shawls start with a long cast on, and get smaller as they go. It keeps my interest more than starting witha few stitches and increasing to a huge shawl.