Saturday, December 19, 2009

Rhinebeck Part 3: The After Party

A week or so ago I realized I never finished blogging about Rhinebeck, I made it up to highlighting what DH enjoyed the most and forgot to talk about the the second most important event, the Ravelry After Party! I was one of the sponsors this year and donated a Tangled Vine Socks Kit for the raffle.

One thing I forgot to do is write down the names of all the lovely knitters I met during the evening, if you see yourself in one of these photos please tell us who you are!

These two knitters knew each other only on Ravelry and planned to meet for the first time at the Fest. Turned out neither one was an axe murderer!

Here I am leaving the stage after I was announced as one of the sponsors. DH didn't get a shot of me on the stage. If anyone has a shot of me up there please email it to me.
Knitwear abounds as it was a bit nippy that night, but despite the cold I was impressed with the large crowd that turned out.

And this is Ysolda in a Bob costume, she's next to the prize table and you can just make out my TVS Kit behind her.

And I would love to hear from the knitter who won my Kit as a prize, did you get a chance to knit the socks yet?

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