Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Big City Lights

A few years ago when we got our dog Toffee our neighbors, the ones with the very sweet little girl and three big rambunctious dogs, informed us we were no longer childless, we were now the proud parents of a child with four paws, floppy ears, a wet nose and a tail. We laughed. 4 dog beds later, one for upstairs, the car and 2 different rooms of the house (she prefers to sleep in our bed though) we have to agree. So like all good parents at Christmas time we took Toffee to see Santa and the holiday decorations.
Its snowing Texas sized snow flakes at Saks!

Upon arriving at Rockefeller Center we were immediately told by the smiling NYC police officer that, "No dogs are allowed on the promenade or by the tree even if you're carrying her." What!? She's not a dog and how do you expect us to get a decent shot of her by those angels unless we're right next to them? Go figure. Did I mention during my last visit to NYC, when we tried to take Toffee to the new park, the Highline? The Highline was built on top of obsolete elevated railroad tracks over on the west side near the Hudson River and it took us a very long subway ride with a transfer involved to get there. No dogs allowed in Highline Park.
Anyway...Toffee had a fantastic time and had her very first picture taken with Santa.
And we managed to get a shot of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree sans Toffee. On one of our visits here a few years ago we made it in time to see this tree be lit up. It was right after 9/11 and the place was swarming with cops. DH put the camera on timer and sat it on a ledge so we could have a romantic shot in front of the tree, you should have seen how fast a policeman reacted the moment he witnessed us walking away from the camera.
We hope to get over to see the Rockettes during this trip, neither one of us have seen them. My mom just told me how when she was a little girl and used to take trips into NYC she remembered going out to see a movie and the Rockettes performed right after the film ended.

Does Toffee look a little scared in this shot? Perhaps because we're standing in the middle of the street with a whole line of cars heading toward us!

And we may have left Texas but we can't seem to get away from those pesky deer!


Texasknitster said...


I'm glad to see you guys having so much with Toffee. Your pictures are amazing. Thanks for sharing a little bit of the Big City with us!

Ajit Singh said...

That is one cute dog. that dog was really going for Santa eh...