Saturday, December 12, 2009

Recently on a chilly day in the Texas Hill Country I stepped outside into the waning light for a video shoot with my lovely neighbor Jen McGahan, of Charting Dreams, and her beautiful daughter Katie. Jen is of the opinion that I need a video of my Exclusive collection featuring not only the patterns being modeled but of me doing some of this modeling and the narration. Though I love the idea of a video montage I'm not so convinced I should be in it, being somewhat camera shy. Not shy enough to pose for stills, which I've done plenty, but the idea of facing the camera and talking is very daunting. I think I need a spokesperson for this role.
Katie studies ballet both at her middle school and through private lessons. We filmed the adorable Katie dancing in the hat, scarf and mittens set Isabella by Kirsten Kapur of "Through The Loops" and the Tangled Vine Socks by Chrissy Gardiner of "Gardiner Yarn Works" and even of Jen and I wearing the Desert Rose shawl by Renee Leverington of "Goddess Knits." And yes I did get filmed talking about all three patterns. The footage is now in the capable hands of Sam Maropis, Jen's Charting Dreams business partner. Sam is doing the editing and we'll see if anything is usable, I get final veto power!

Charting Dreams was founded by Jen and Sam to specifically address the needs of entrepreneurs starting businesses during these tough economic times. Individually they're very business savvy and together they're a powerful wealth of information and resources, they've given me ideas to improve my website and have even implemented some of them for me.

Jen who is practical, but with an eye toward possibility, brings her business and marketing expertise to her clients through her writing and creative marketing background. Jen helps small business owners, such as myself, organize their thoughts and find customers. Jen has written press releases for my website which have brought new customers to my door.

Sam's professional business resume is strong and varied, read about his accomplishments on the Charting Dreams' website. For my business Sam has given me many viable suggestions to improve my listings in search engines and he connected me with a very competent web designer. Sam and Jen are currently writing their first book as well as launching their new careers as business coaches.

Jen and I have been neighbors for a few years and have enjoyed doing what neighbor's do best, helping each other out, spending time with each other's families, or more specifically eating, drinking and shooting off fireworks! Now I'm very happy to add something new to this list, the opportunity to have worked with her, and Sam, professionally.

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Jen McGahan said...

These are great pictures, Sandra!! That was fun. Thanks for the kind words about Charting Dreams, too.

I would have loved to have taken that shawl home with me. And Katie looked adorable in those raspberry woolens; I think it's time to learn how to knit, once and for all!

Thanks again and glad we're neighbors,