Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool Fest: Part 2 Big Thanks to my DH

HTML clipboardThis is our second trip to Rhinebeck and both times my DH was my official photographer. He tells me he enjoys himself despite his apparent lack of interest in all things fiber related. But he loves to play with his camera and there are a few things he does enjoy...
HTML clipboardHTML clipboardAngora bunnies! We both wish we could take one home with us, but our little dog would make it her life's mission to eat it!
HTML clipboardSo I had to get my bunny fix with a beautiful piece of pottery, a bowl by Vaughan L Smith of Westcote Bell Pottery that was adorned with rabbits. I'll use it in my showroom and be reminded of the pet I may own some day. Sorry no pic of my new bowl!

Another thing my DH enjoys is all the livestock!

HTML clipboardGoats are my favorite.

Llamas are DH's fave.
HTML clipboard
HTML clipboardAnd of course he loves all the free wine and snacks you care to taste...
HTML clipboardPlus this awesome museum of old machines and way of life in upstate New York.

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Pretty smart the RS&WF organizers thought to include these things!

Coming soon, Part 3 The Ravelry After Party!


Cindy Jaedike said...

yummy, angoras! Thank you so much for letting me experience Rhinebeck vicariously through your eyes! I appreciate the pictures and the links to explore!


Texasknitster said...

I love all of your pictures. Tell DH he did a fabulous job!!! It's almost as good as getting to go and much easier on my wallet ;-).