Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool Fest: Part 1

The Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Fest was a lot of fun this year, I was inspired by the beautiful hand crafts and I came away a whole lot richer from all new people I met. Plus I got to meet quite a few people I had only known by phone, Ravelry or email. I was a sponsor for the Ravelry after party and it was a huge success. After the day was over, and I was driving home at midnight, I realized that all the day's events, people I met and photos that DH took would take more than one blog entry to tell about. So this is Rhinebeck Part One...

We arrived around noon, just in time for the Ravelry Meet Up. Here I am meeting Jess and Casey for the very first time. A pretty good size crowd turned out for this meet up.

I learned later that it was Ysolda in this Bob custom! She and another gal knit this giant Bob head and paw mittens.

After our Rav Meet Up DH and I were off to see the vendors. And the first thing I noticed were all the new vendors, I saw lots of knitting and fiber arts supplies plus knitwear for sale, but also lots of other beautiful nonfiber things as well, such as pottery, jewelry and artwork that I don't remember from 3 years ago.

Many of the fiber artists were felters and they were selling amazing ready made felted objects and felting kits. I thought this was an interesting addition and a great way for collectors of raw fibers to use up their stashes when they want to take a break from spinning. Two of my favorite ready mades were the silk scarves that had been decorated with felt designs and the felted whimsical creatures from life like animals to trolls. Felted hats and flowers were also popular, both off the rack and in kits.
Felted Hats...
Felted Nativity Scene...

Here I am modeling my favorite scarf of the day, a light blue silk with a felted design throughout. Sadly I did not purchase it or get this woman's card. If anyone recognizes this beautiful work please post a comment, thanks.

I'm noticing felting more and more on the market these days. Its always been around and always will be, take Pick Up Sticks Felted Knit Designs for example, but its being taken to a whole new level. There is an artist in residence with a shop behind me here in New York City, on Lexington, who creates beautiful silk blouses that are adorned with felt along the hemline, plus she carries a line of felted jewelry. So I was not surprised that so many felters were at Rhinebeck this year.

This is Marlene of Marlene's Felting Madness, demonstrating the technique to make one of her felted flowers. We have video of her felting this flower, maybe I'll figure out how to upload it.

Here are some other highlights of our day...

The United Nations declared 2009 the "International Year of Natural Fibers" and in conjunction with this celebration and to raise money for livestock and training in sustainable agriculture Heifer International organized the knitting and assembly of the world's longest scarf. Parts of the scarf were knit around the globe and the entire thing was assembled here at Rhinebeck.

Beth the owner of Uncommon Threads and The Alpaca Yarn Company hosted the knitting of the World's Biggest Sock. Its been traveling around the country and landed in Rhinebeck, here I am knitting on it. We hope it breaks the Guinness Book of World Records some day.
And here I am with Beth, I've known her for several years now by telephone and email only. I carry The Alpaca Yarn Company's Suri Elegance lace and have a Exclusive shawl pattern coming out soon that is knit in it.
Speaking of Exclusive patterns here I am with Kirsten Kapur of "Through The Loops Designs," creator of Isabella.

And here I am with Shelia Ernst, another wonderful artisan I've only known via email. If you're searching for beautiful and useful glass buttons, knitting needles, crochet hooks, beads, stitch markers or shawl pins make sure to visit Shelia & Michael Ernst's website, they hand make the most lovely designs available.

This is getting long enough, stay tuned over the next week for more entries!


knittygirl said...

Looks like you had lots of fun! Now hope you can keep up with all those extra ravelers that will be visiting your site!

silk scarves said...

Looks fun! But didn't see many young people there. They don't like scarves now?

cici said...

I'm enjoying reading and seeing all your pictures.. What a fantastic trip♥

KnittingFun said...

Thanks for your post. Knitting is a lot of fun. Knitting is very creative process, one you can use your skill and imagination on. I always found that knitting a hats was more challenging then a glove.