Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Three Graces

Let's continue our discussion on beauty, last week we fell in love with Army of Knitters' new collection Garden of Delight, a tribute to impressionist flowers. This week we'll go in a different, though equally beautiful direction with Through The Loops new eBook The Three Graces. Based on Greek Mythology this collection contains a trio of delightfully airy & lightweight semi-circular lace shawls. 

Thalia, named for the Greek goddess of festivities and banquets, is playful.

Euphrosyne, named for the Greek goddess of joy and the incarnation of grace & beauty, is delicate.

And Aglaea, named for the Greek goddess of beauty, has a rich pattern of cables and lace.

In response to the Kit enquiries for Army of Knitter'sGarden of Delight: Waterlillies in Tilli Tomas Voile De La Mer (70% silk & 30% Seacell) and Fields of Lavender in Tillie TomasSymphony DK (30% mohair & 70% silk) I'm excitted to announce I'm adding the Tilli Tomas yarn collection to!  


If you're interested in ordering one of these Kits or any Tilli Tomas yarn please email me at or call 877/519-1693 with the yarn name, color name & number and how many skeins you need and I'll quote you a price.

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