Saturday, January 7, 2012

Whay type of knitter will you be in 2012?

A new year is ripe with possibility, what type of knitter are you planning to be, Fearless, Adventurous, Mischievous, Intrepid, Playful? You pick the adjective and I'll provide the fun.

Through The Loops' Moody Kerchief

I just love it when things fall together perfectly, one of my very special customers used my 3 Ply Merino Worsted yarn to knit Kirsten Kapur's, of Through The Loops, Moody Kerchief. Versatile as it is beautiful the Moody Kerchief design begs you to take action and have some fun!

It easily mixes two different yarn weights, or you can opt to use just one, and it wants you to play with color by combining your favorite with a contrasting shade or knit yours in a solid to show off your stitch work!

If you belong to my Ravelry group., stop by the "Show Off Your Finished Projects" thread and visit post #99 there you'll see Juliebie's Moody Kerchief. Juliebie took her Moody Kerchief a step further, she used my 3 Ply Merino Worsted as her main color and combined it with not one, but two contrasting colors, a hand spun and Cafe au Lait by Yarn Chef, see what I mean about this pattern, go forth and create! 3 Ply Merino Worsted

Do you love all shades of blue, Liquid Ice is calling your name. Or are you more of a greens (Greens with Brown) or purple (Purple Iris) sorta gal? Play off one of these fun variegated colorways and add a matching solid as your contrasting color and create a beautiful new neck piece as unique and adventurous as you!

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Kay Whitt said...

Nice post, Sandra! I plan on being a bit adventurous. I have never really tackled knitted lace, so that will be my goal this year. I love that kerchief and the way you can combine yarns...may have to go over to ravelry and add that one to my stash!