Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sandra's Stole in Sandrasingh.com Lace

Once again, things are falling perfectly into place! This time my delightful customer Abjoerge used my Sandrasingh.com Lace to knit designer Linda Choo's free pattern Sandra's Stole.

Sandra's Stole honors Linda's sister, you can read the entire story along with downloading the pattern on Ravelry.

Abjoerge's Sandra's Stole in Burgundy Spice

And while you're visiting Raverly stop by my group Sandrasingh.com and take a look at Abjoerge's Sandra's Stole in the "Show Off Your Finished Projects" thread, post #132. She used the colorway Burgundy Spice and her results are stunning.

Lace is handpainted in over 35 colorways, beautiful variegated and semi solids, you're guaranteed to find a shade that is flattering for you. And during the month of January my Lace is 20% Off.

Electric Blue

Pumpkin Spice

Pale Pink



What type of knitter are you planning to be in 2012? Will you challenge yourself to be Fearless, Adventurous? Sandra's Stole is an Intermediate project that utilizes a constant stitch count, charts only based on traditional Estonian stitches from Haapsalu Sall, nupps and the second broader is grafted on. Dare to try a new skill or two, or enjoy an old favorite, either way you'll cherish your new garment in my Lace.

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Fleur said...

Wow both the cornflower and the electric blue look lovely! Perhaps would even make a good combination?