Sunday, May 15, 2011

Win a Pirate's Pearls Sock Kit!

Thank You for entering!

The winner of the Pirate's Pearls Socks Kit is Christine (she was comment #4).

Please contact me at
with your shipping address.

Week three of my anniversary month falls during the release of Johnny Depp's latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie and this week's blog giveaway celebrates his new movie because the featured designer is a huge Johnny Depp fan!

Meet Lucy Hilton, creator of the Pirate's Pearls sock pattern and Johnny's #1 Fan! This giveaway is for Lucy's beaded Pirate's Pearls pattern and 1 skein of Crazy4Dyeing's Bellasock in the Aquarious colorway.

Worked in only one skein of Crazy4Dyeing's Bellasock scallops of pearls, slow wavy cables, and a triple drop jeweled necklace make Lucy's beaded Pirate's Pearls a treasure worth knitting from the cuff down to “X” Marks The Spot. An admirable fit for any pirate (or pirate lover). Knit away Mate!

Meet Designer Lucy Hilton: Lucy is a native Texan who once crocheted and performed many other crafts. She always wanted to learn to knit but could not teach herself how to recover from errors. Years passed and she stumbled upon a LYS that offered classes. She immediately signed up and has never looked back. Sixteen years later she is still knitting strong and rarely has a day with out “knit time” in her life. She’s proud to say she considers herself to be an accomplished knitter. A growing itch to design and a mismatched love for Captain Jack Sparrow led to her first pattern, Pirates Pearls – A Caribbean Sock Treasure; a right and fitting sock.

Lucy has 2 fabulous kids, 3 mischievous cats, and 2 bad dogs and is living and knitting the dream in Dallas, Texas.

Don't want to wait to see if you win this giveaway, the Pirate's Pearls pattern is available as a Pattern only or as a Kit. The Kit includes the Pattern for FREE and 1 skein of Crazy4Dyeing's Bellasock.

There will be 1 winner for this giveaway, no purchase necessary to enter, and the winner will be announced May 21, 2011.

Enter this Giveaway:
The more ways you enter, the more chances you have to win and make sure to leave a comment telling exactly what you did to enter. And please make sure to include your contact information.

1. Tell us why you should win the Pirate's Pearls Kit.
2. Are you, like Lucy, a Johnny Depp fan? Tell us exactly how much you love this man!

3. Blog about this Giveaway on your blog and link it, leave a comment under this blogpost with the link back to your blogpost.
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Knittingdancer on Ravelry said...

I am a member of the Ravelry group,

grandmastatus said...

1) I should definitely win this sock kit because my best friend roxxy has been hankering for some beaded socks for years and i've yet to find the right pattern. why does this one fit her best?? SHE IS A PIRATE!!! she lives on a boat and is the best at talk like a pirate day. i only wish she owned a parrot... she has a cat, though. a few cats. cats like shiny things. to please her cats, you ought to give me the kit so i can knit them pretty beaded socks for roxxy's legs and feet.

2) i love johnny depp so much that i went and saw sweeney todd in theaters 3 times. i also saw secret window in the theater 3 times. i'm not going to admit how much money i spent to see te various caribean movies in theater. also, i've been a johnny depp fan since i was wee and saw him get sucked into a bed and chopped to bits. well... not so much fan as i was scared a bed would chop me up to bits "like the guy on freddy krueger."

3)I have rambled on my poorly attended to blog, and only feel bad that very few people read it.

4) just joined
username is grandmastatus

5) i... don't want the competition.

and now my baby wokfe up and is interfering with typing'\
am following already though
arggh matey

Ruby said...

Sandra, I love the sock pattern. You can pick me for this one. Thanks again for chances to win on the giveaways. I follow you on FB and Ravelry group.

Rav: mzcruse

Christine said...

WELL, I have been following Depp since he started! he has become the most wonderful actor! I LURV him!

1. Posting here
2. Am a follower of your blog
3. I get the newsletters

glongley said...

I love to knit socks, that is about all I knit. I have never had a kit to make socks. And I love Johnny Depp in these pirate movie's.

Carrie said...

I should win this kit because I've never knitted beaded socks before! Plus, who doesn't love pirates? (Zabbers on Rav)

Lori said...

This is one of the most unique sock patterns I've ever seen!! I love it and the yarn is just gorgeous. I'm your friend on FB, I'm in your group, and I shared your link on FB. Indulgence on Rav.

Jill K said...

Love this pattern!
1) I don't say I should win this gift, but feel like I should have as much of a chance as others! I'm a sock knitter and would love to try beads.
2) is Johnny Depp the perfect 'rogue pirate'! I have plans to be at the theater Friday. Good thing about the popcorn bucket - it doubles as a drool catcher!
4) just joined your Ravelry group and left an intro...
6) previously friended you and liked and commented on post.
10) signing up for the newsletter!
Hope I win!

Heather J said...

I love this pattern. I love Johnny Depp and always loved the Pirates of the Cabarrian ride at Disneyland so the movies are pretty awesome. I have never beaded before and would love to try it.

nanalisette said...

I have recently become an advid sock knitter, joined the LYS's Sock Club even and am enjoying making socks for my sister, hubby and self. Love exploring new patterns. This one would be great for my Granddaughter who is a big fan of Johnny Depp.

Debbie said...

1. I should win because I need more handknit socks and I love the pattern, especially the pearls.
2. I do like Johnny Depp. He is so rakishly cute!
3. I'm in your Ravelry group.
4. I'm your friend on facebook.
5. I get your newsletter.
6. I follow your blog.
Thanks! Debbie in Alaska

Tish said...

I would love to win this one... I have a thing for sock yarn and need wonderful patterns to use it up. LOL

I am also a member on your Ravelry forum, a FB friend, I get your newsletter, I think I signed up to follow your blog a while back (I will make sure tho) and I am gonna try to figure out how to this post and link stuff on FB... ^_^

rebelyarnmuse on Ravelry said...

I would love to win the Pirate's Pearls. I love the sock pattern, the yarn colorway, and love bead knitting. Also (blushing) ehemm, my adoration for Johnny Depp knows no bounds for the last 15 or so years. I'm not a limey wench - just a secret pirate lover :) Pearl socks would suit me just right.

RoamingKnitter said...

I love knitting socks and I have loved pirate movies all my life starting with old Erroll Flynn movies on a black & white tv through to the current big screen movies. Who could possible resist a pirate?

Lynn said...

I should win because I am a rebel and pirates are rebels too!

Lnupermom on Rav

Lynn said...

I am not ashamed to admit that I remember when Johnny Depp got his start on a certain little TV show called 21 Jumpstreet. In his movie roles, he really captures the essence of his character and I can pretty much picture him being like each of them in real life.

Lnupermom on Rav

Lynn said...

I'm in your Rav group

Lynn said...

I follow you on FB

Lnupermom on Rav

Lynn said...

Posted the giveaway on my FB page
Lynn P
Lnupermom on Rav

Lynn said...

I get your newsletter

Lynn P
Lnupermom on Rav

Lynn said...

And lastly I follow your blog

Lynn P
Lnupermom on Rav

Jenny (renewedmind on Ravelry) said...

1. I should win because I would love to knit these socks for my Mother-in-law who first taought me to crochet.
2. MY Mother-in-law is a HUGE Johnny Depp Fan! She has his poster on her wall and everything :)
3. I am part of your Ravelry Group (renewedmind)
4. I have signed up for your Newsletter.
11. I have signed up to "Follow your Blog."

Karen said...

Ooh! I absolutely LOVE Johnny Depp and Pirates of the Caribbean (all of them) is my favorite movie series of all time! I have seen almost every Johnny Depp movie. I am a huge fan of his! I am one of the Honorable Shellbacks, which I earned while I served in the United States Navy. I served my duty aboard the USS Cape Cod AD-43. So, I have a knowledge of seaworthiness. I love to knit, I love pearls, I love the sock pattern, I follow your blog, I am in your Ravelry group, and I like you! =) =)

Karen said...

I spread the word on my blog for your contest! =)

Now to win some treasure........;)

Martha said...

I am part of your Ravelry group and have friended you on Facebook. I said I liked your giveaway.

Nicole said...

1) I should win because I've never knit socks before, these are just too incredibly awesome for words, and I am an Aquarius (and therefore super uber happy about the colorway!).

2) I'm not sure how much I love Johnny Depp, but I am definitely a fan! I am pretty sure I have seen every single one of his movies, if that says that I love him!

3) I follow your blog!

4) I'm your friend on facebook and have liked this giveaway!

5) I announced this giveaway on facebook!

6) I follow you on twitter!

7) I tweeted about this giveaway!

8) I'm signed up for your newsletter!

pinkundine said...

I'd love to win this - I'm still in the middle of making my first ever pair of socks - and there's really nothing like biting off more than you can chew to keep the creative juices flowing ;)

Rachelle said...

1. Because I love knitting socks and despite having a "stash" I need more; this would bump a lot down the queue too

2. Love JD, he's such a versatile actor and I love that he's got a long-term partner and you don't hear about him doing daft things

4. did this a while back

6. Done, well, I clicked on Like

8. already am

10. pretty sure I am

11. following via google reader, have been for some time

amchart said...

--- I can still remember the day at a LYS about 7 years ago when I was so desirous of learning to use beads in knitting. One move across state lines, two small business start ups and three more kids (total 6) later, I still haven’t tried beading. This would be the perfect small project to give it a whirl.
--- No time for current or recent movies in my life, but I still love Johnny Depp from the 21 Jump Street Days!!
--- I am a member of your Ravelry group
--- I receive your Newsletter
--- I follow (and love) your blog
Ravelry amchart

Jolene (JoboDesigns on Ravelry) said...

I liked on FB :)

(Jobodesigns on Rav)

Jolene (JoboDesigns on Ravelry) said...

Great looking socks too! I love the beaded sections and the cables

Knittingdancer on Ravelry said...

I think Johnny Depp is the perfect actor for Captain Jack in The Pirates of the Carribean series.

Alvin said...

i love the socks and love to make socks. of course doesn't everone like j depp????

patsy said...

I'm a member of your Ralvery group and I love Johnny Depp and the Pirates of the Carribean

Diane said...

I should win because I love purple best of all and have never beaded socks.

Kristen said...

I loved Johnny Depp from the first time I saw him on 21 Jump Street. Yum.

Sara said...

Member of your Rav group!

Sara said...

I love purple, beads and Johnny Depp - especially since the days of 21 Jump Street!

Sara said...

I follow your blog...

Sara said...

I get your newsletter...

mellowpuff said...

OMG! Pirate socks! :D
I don't know what it is, but I have such a soft spot for all things pirate. It started when I saw a skull and cross bones cookie cutter, and I just had to get it...

Browsing the interwebs yesterday I came across this design, which I want to incorporate into a wee project on the go bag for when knitting things like socks on the train.

mellowpuff said...

Just signed up to follow.

mellowpuff said...

And as for Johnny Depp... I still have some 21 Jumpstreet posters tucked away... :P He is just fab as a pirate.

Teresa said...

I'd love to win this sock kit because I've never knit socks with beads . . .

Julie said...

I follow your blog, I'm your friend on Facebook and I get your newsletter!
I love Johnny Depp to bits. He is such a wonderful actor and isn't afraid to take on very different parts, Sweeney Todd, J.M. Barrie, Mad Hatter, Edward Scissorhands, and of course Jack Sparrow. I think he just keeps getting better with age.

Angie said...

I'm a huge Johnny Depp fan and saw him on Oprah where he invited her whole audience to watch the new Pirates movie with him while he served popcorn and snacks! SOOOOO envious!!! Winning this kit would help ease the pain of not being there : ) Beautiful pattern too!

lorraine said...

those socks are so a huge johnny depp fan..edward scissorhands is the best!!

glongley said...

I follow your blog.

tgknits said...

the socks are really pretty I would love to win and try putting beads on socks. Haven't done that yet.

I retweeted the give away, belong to the group and get the news letters, going to make sure I am following the blog.



Michelle said...

Those socks are a treasure! Argh...
I am a member of your Rav group.
I get your emails.
I am a Facebook fan.

dard said...

purple is my favorite and when i saw the picture i felt so happy coz she ware that sacks with a color purple.. love it..
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