Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Carry an Original: Zen Collection Knitting Totes

Happy Valentine's Day, celebrate your love of fiber arts with a new knitting bag, an original Cinful Designs' Zen Collection Knitting Tote.

Cindy Lee of Cinful Designs crafts her
Zen Collection Knitting Totes of the finest Napa Valley leathers, suede and lambskins available. Each tote features a piece of art, an original watercolor designed and named by Cindy Lee and signed by nationally recognized artist, Linh Nguyen.

A beautiful, crystal studded tag gives the title and the Zen meaning assigned to each piece. The art has been photographed and then digitally transferred onto the high quality leather. This state of the art technology is so new it is not yet being mass produced. You can actually see the brushstrokes on the leather.

The perfect knitting bag:

  • It is beautiful, unique and is sized generous enough to hold entire projects with room enough for a purse or laptop. 14.5" high x 13.5" wide x 5" deep.
  • There is an outside pocket for an i-phone or blackberry and an outside key fob which means no digging for these things.
  • It is structured so that needle artists can work out of it without the bag flopping over. Their expensive yarns glide over the smooth, zipperLESS top.
  • There is an inside side pocket to hold knitting needles & crochet hooks.
  • There are also 3 inside over-sized, open pockets to hold patterns & accessories.
  • The high quality, bridal satin interior makes skeins unroll smoothly and snag free, while working out of the bag. All inside edges are smooth, insuring protection for fine fibers.
  • The bottom of the purse has brass feet to protect the interior.

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