Wednesday, July 14, 2010


No photos to share, they're all still on the camera, but I'm having a lovely time here in London, despite the rain! We did our obligatory bus tour, which we love to do in each new city we land in and have been hitting the major department stores.

Harrods is very impressive and very expensive. Liberty has one of the coolest upholstery fabric departments I've ever seen and they even had a huge selection of Rowan yarn! Not to mention sewing goods. The jewelry department was impressive too, there was a trunk show for custom made charm bracelets and necklaces using original Victorian era charms. I almost caved, but didn't. The store was built out of tall sailing ships and is a Tudor style, its an interesting shopping experience.

And we fell in love with a silver coffee table made in Egypt at Selfridges, but it was the only one they had and sold already! Hmmmm, we than went to London's Heal's furniture shop and found a very similar coffee table but not quite what we wanted. So the hunt is on.

We had dinner at an Indian restaurant in London's financial district last night and it was a lot like being in NY's Wall St area, lots of busy looking people in suits.

Its raining today so I slept late and had a nice workout. Time to go get my day started.

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