Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Finally, pictures of all my recent events...
But first here I am in my lovely new scarf! My friend Lucy from Dallas, TX knit this scarf for me out of my Superwash Fingering yarn and I love it! The pattern is the Leaf and Flower Stole by Linda Choo, you can find it along with more of Linda's patterns on Raverly. Every stitch is perfect and I can't thank Lucy enough!
I'll have you know that I have not mastered adding photos to my blog. Try as I will to put them in chronological order, I just can't seem to master the order that I'm supposed to put them in. So these first shots are from the 4th of July party at my cousin's home in Youngstown, Ohio.
That's me in the middle sitting with my cousin's Mary and Caroline and Mary's mom, my aunt Ethel.
It was a great party with lots of relatives and friends. We had our own fireworks, along with the rest of the neighborhood, the moment it got dark.
Youngstown had their fireworks on July 3rd so we raced downtown after the dinner you'll see below to see them!

Here are my DH and I at Youngstown's famous restaurant that used to be a bank, this is the original bank vault.
Here's Cousin Mary is robbing the vault!
Here's Mary's brother Paul trying to master his nephew's Justin's crazy skateboard. Not only does it have four wheels, they all go different directions at the same time and the two foot boards rock. To Paul's credit he finally learned it!
Here are my mom and I visiting my Aunt Metz.
That's Aunt Metz between Mary and Jessica.
Here's Toffee at the 4th of July Parade After Party, she's beloved by all!
Resting after the parade.
Zoe enjoying cotton candy, after the parade.
Our youngest cousins...Justin, the tall one in the American Flag hat got his picture in the local Youngstown paper!
Here's my brother George with my mom and cousin Jessica. My mom got to ride on the fire truck during the parade which made her very happy.
And here's the parade! These photos should have gone prior to the party above, some day I'll master the photo ordering!

The kids decorating our car.
And last but not least we made it to London! Here we are in Regent's Park visiting Queen Mary's Rose Garden. The roses were in full bloom and stunning.
And yes I'm holding a Harrods bag, a very small purchase, a tour book of London but I'll cherish this bag for years to come!
This is the food court in Harrods, just gorgeous!
And finally DH and I in front of the London Bridge.

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