Thursday, April 22, 2010

Two Fiber Fests, One Weekend!

The weekend of April 9th was a very busy one. Saturday was gorgeous, bright and sunny, and a knitting friend and I took a drive out to Old Oaks Ranch in Wimberly for their Ranch Day Fest. It was their first one and by all accounts it was a success.
This is my friend Lydia Kendrick, of Kendrick Kreations, who was one of the vendors. She also sells her beautiful hand woven shawls and scarves at Old Oaks Ranch year round. You may have read an earlier post by me introducing Lydia and two of her patterns to my website.

Lydia weaves, hand knits, machine knits, crochets, spins, hand dyes yarn as well as sews and quilts. See the clever little purse she's holding here, she made that!
This is some of her lovely hand dyed yarn, I purchased one of the yellow and blue skeins in the middle.
And this is her lovely Turkish Scarf, I sell this pattern on my website.
Even the Sculpture Garden Bears enjoyed Lydia's designs.

My friend and I also had the pleasure of getting a private introduction to weaving by Sandra (above), one of the owners of the Ranch. Though not pictured we also had a private rug hooking lesson. Old Oaks offers weaving, rug hooking, knitting and spinning classes on a regular basis.
And yes, she is spinning angora yarn right off this beautiful angora bunny! We were amazed at how calm this bunny remained throughout it all.
And one of the big events of the day was the Alpaca Shearing! They are lovely animals and I finally learned how to tell the difference between an alpaca and a llama. If you get a chance to go next year, do it.

On Sunday morning at 6am another knitting friend and I got in the car and drove up the Addison for the DFW Fiber Fest 2010. Addison is not to far from Dallas. Sorry no pictures of this event. But we had a great time and visited with yet another knitting friend, Lucy, who lives up that way.

Highlights of this adventure include....meeting Franklin Habit, again, I had met him a couple of years ago at Chicago's Yarn Con. And I got to meet Amy Hendrix of Madelinetosh, again, I met her when she was very first starting out about 3 years ago.

I'm going to re-introduce Madelinetosh yarns to my website. If you're on Ravelry stop by my group, and tell me which of her yarns and colors you absolutely love. And if you're not on Ravelry just reply to this thread!

By Sunday night, after driving home from Addison as you can imagine I was exhausted! But it was an awesome weekend!


Turtle said...

how nice!

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit said...

Looks like a fun weekend. I keep wishing that there was a plant fiber equivalent event -- you know where folks pick and spin cotton or silk and we all get to watch? One day maybe, a girl can dream!