Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Lace Patterns & Lace Yarn Sales

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Winter is a befitting season to knit lace. As you grow your lace creation, row after row, the dark days of winter grow longer with each stitch. As your delicate lace pattern emerges graceful snowflakes fly creating dazzling patterns across your icy windows. And as your lace garment begins to take shape, unfolding like tree buds & flowers, your imagination turns to spring's warm breezes that will ruffle your new lace shawl elegantly draped across your shoulders.

From the warmth of your home and in the glow of your computer visit to see the new lace designs from Fiddlesticks Knitting, Goddess Knits, Through The Loops Designs, Jojoland and Susan Lawrence.

Create a figurative garden as you knit Fiddlesticks Knitting's Garden Shawl. Stroll with your needles down the flower-strewn paths that frame drifts of leaves, ferns and flowery borders. Based on Shetland lace patterns, this shawl is knit from the centre outwards and then the lacy leaf edging is added. And various fern motifs from Shetland to traditional combine in Fiddlesticks' delicate Fern Glade. At the top, small motifs like little fiddleheads grow to become graceful fern fronds. A traditional Snail Shell edging finishes the shawl in a fanciful nod to the snails we see on dewy ferns in the morning.

Spend a relaxing day in your garden wearing Goddess Knits' Wild Flower Meadow or Spring Arbor shawl.

Or finish just in time for Valentine's day to add a little romance to your life with Goddess Knits' ribbon embellished Victorian Romance Shawl. February is also Mardi Gras time, you'll be the life of the party with the beaded Mardi Gras draped around your shoulders. And Goddess Knits' delightful Fairy Wings is knit from the top down and measures 76" x 35" when complete.

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Add a touch of summer to your wardrobe with Susan Lawrence's, of Knitting As Fast I Can, Beach Glass. This small crescent shaped shoulder shawl is worked entirely in garter stitch from the bottom edge up to the nape of the neck and the rows get shorter as you knit!

Ostrich feathers have been used for decades to make feather dusters. In Susan Lawrence's Feather Duster Scarf she paired an ostrich plume stitch pattern with a lovely mohair/silk yarn to create a light-as-a-feather triangular scarf. The instructions are both charted and written row-by-row and this project is appropriate for beginning lace knitters.

Jojoland's Lattice Lace scarf is also appropriate for beginner lace knitters and even for more experienced lace knitters who are in need of a quick project. Its knit in Jojoland's Melody Superwash yarn and instructions are both written and charted.

Fickleknitter Design's lacey scarf pattern Fragment knits up fast and includes dropping stitches and the 3 needle bind off. Its perfect for small amounts of lace yarn, 150-200 yards, or Schaefer's Anne.

Susan Lawrence's Ink Spot is a tribute to the quickly vanishing days of cursive writing. The lace pattern used in the pointed ends resemble the nib of a fountain pen and the strong lines in the main section are representative of ruled notepaper. The scarf is knit in two identical pieces and joined at the center and the lace pattern incorporates a stitch called a nupp.

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Add a little elegance to your winter with Through The Loops' Katinka Mitts. These mitts are worked sideways and have functional buttons along the outside edge of the hand. For ease of knitting Kirsten Kapur has included both charts and written instructions. There are two sizes given, the larger size is worked in sport weight, the smaller size is worked in fingering.
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No matter how low the temperatures dip you'll be warm in either Goddess Knits' Snowbunny or Hosta Leaf cowls. Both ares knit in the round from the bottom in up.

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