Sunday, December 6, 2009

Landscape Collection

Wrap yourself in the colors and textures of the landscape with Ilga Leja's new designs.

Add the color of berries to your wardrobe with Ilga's delightful cropped vest Berry Hill. Its slightly asymmetrical front closure adds further allure.

Worked in one piece from the top down, it requires no seaming. Try it on as you knit it and adjust the length as you go. When you are done, just sew on the buttons and wear!

Even if you don’t live near a mountain range, you can evoke the mood of the landscape with the Distant Hills felted tote bag.

Worked in the round from the base up, its features include an inside pocket and long, doubled handles that form part of the bag’s hilly motif. The stranded sections tend to tighten the fabric, resulting in the bag’s vessel-like shape.

Wrap the countryside around yourself in colors of the field and forest with Ilga's multi-directional shawl, Field and Forest. It makes the most of a handpainted yarn, especially when paired with a coordinating solid color.

Worked in several sections, each one added seamlessly to the one before, this piece is easily adapted to any size.

Walking the moors requires a jacket that hugs the body and enfolds the neck like Ilga's close-fitting sweater Moorland. Ilga uses a wide rib stitch pattern which travels into the wide, ribbed collar. Wear the collar buttoned or unbuttoned for two different looks.

All of Ilga Leja's patterns are sold as PDF downloads that are emailed to you after purchase, this means no shipping fees! Visit Ilga Leja to see all of her Collections.

Ilga is hosting the International Year of the Scarf, travel the world of knitting in 2010 and explore the endless possibilities of the knitted scarf.

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