Tuesday, August 9, 2016

August 2016 Back to School Knits

"Back to School" has become a season all its own... From finding the necessary books & binders to stocking up on wardrobe staples there's still plenty of summer to knit your little Einstein something special! Each of these projects would work in your child's school colors. 

 These "His or Hers" socks include 2 sizes.

 This knit and felted unisex bag would look fabulous in school or fall colors


A teen or tween must have.

Shiloe & Amira
These two pullovers are perfect for your tween or teen off to Junior High, High School or even college.  Shiloe is hooded for extra warmth & Amira would look great knit in school colors.  And don't forget about the boys, the cables in Gone Fishing are eye catching and warm.

Gone Fishing

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