Thursday, January 21, 2016

Update Your Winter Wardrobe:Part II Hand Knit Cowls

Breathe new life into your favorite sweater, blouse or Tee by simply layering on hand knit cowl. Since a cowl is worn near your face color is extremely important, use a shade that flatters your skin tone and of course your eyes.  

Shape is the next important consideration.  Do you need a cowl that will sit close to you neck for extra warmth?  Or do you prefer a versatile long cowl that can be worn full length or doubled up for a different look?  Maybe you love the look of a flowing style that covers your neck but also sits dramatically on your shoulders.  Enjoy all the stages -- pursuing the project, the actual knit and of course the compliments you'll receive when finished!

Knit in a bulky yarn French Press Knits' Montebello cowl is a quick knit perfect for advanced beginners but interesting enough for every level knitter.
Gardiner Yarn Works Gordian Twist Neckwarmer is “fauxbius” and features a 360- degree twist in your knitting (a true moebius is only 180 degrees) that doesn’t require any special cast-on but is perfect for holding a special snuggly yarn close to your neck.
The lovely beaded Misty Soft Infinity Tube Scarf/Cowl by HeartStrings is knitted and finished as a continuous loop with no edges and no wrong side showing.
Cocoon Me by RosyPosy Designs is a set of wonderfully textured cowl using a cocoon stitch that looks interesting on both sides and is especially snuggly worked in a single-ply merino yarn.  The pattern also includes instructions for a shawlette.
Ilga Leja's Tundra cowl both warms and adorns the shoulders, neck, and head. Worked from the bottom up, it can be adjusted in length. Work it as a simple rolled neck cowl. Or knit the neck and
head portion to an extreme length.
Play with short rows with
Jane Thornley's Once Upon a Cowl
Wear it around your shoulders or pull it over your
head as an impromptu hood.

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