Thursday, January 8, 2015

WIP KAL or CAL: the Winter Edition

After reading through our collective Knitting Resolutions for 2015 a noticed a theme, “Finish my _____!” So lets join together these remaining cold, snowy winter months and cheer each other on to complete our WIP in the WIP KAL or CAL: the Winter Edition.

Its easy to join, become a member of my Ravelry group, have at least 1 WIP that you started any time before 1/8/15 and post about it and your progress the KAL.

Start by telling us about your WIP(s), what pattern, the yarn you’re using, what size needles, where you're at in the pattern.  If you can post a pic, great, if you can’t don’t worry, I don’t want this KAL to add any unnecessary stress.

Are you short on yarn? This may turn into a great resource to help you find it. Stuck on a certain direction? Tell us, maybe we can help. Lost your place? Maybe we can help you figure it out. Just need encouragement to pick up that long lingering WIP? This KAL is the right place!

The KAL/CAL will start today, right now, and will end on Friday, March 20 which is officially the 1st Day of Spring! Photos of finished WIP by this date are what we’re going for, especially cute ones of you modeling it!

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