Saturday, November 1, 2014

Huntress Cowl - Just in time for Mockingjay!

The latest in the Hunger Game series, Mockingjay, is being released November 21st!  Be ready with Solana Studio's Huntress Cowl.

Catch your fire with Karla Repperger's Huntress Cowl!  This is how it all began..."In the opening scenes of the popular movie Catching Fire, we see the main character Katniss kneeling before a lake in the early morning hours, wearing a cozy sweater. Except, it isn't a sweater, but an asymmetrical cowl!  It was simply gorgeous, and the more I saw it on screen, the more I wanted to knit it! After studying several pictures, I created this pattern to resemble the original cowl as much as possible.  It won’t look EXACTLY like the piece worn in the movie, but it’s pretty darn close."

Knit flat, in pieces, and seamed/assembled using large “coils” to create the shape around the neck. The bulk of the piece is knit using the Herringbone stitch on varying sized needles to create the variegated stitches like in the original cowl. The “coils” are constructed using a simple crochet stitch around a core of your choice.

Sizing Fits “most” sizes as it’s not fitted and stretches easily.  Designer Karla is a size 8 with a 34” bust which usually works out to be a medium. If you wish to size up, you can easily add stitches in multiples of two for width, and knit additional rows for length.
Yarn 400-500 yards super bulky, shown in Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick Solids
US 19 & 35 or 36 (15.0-19.0mm)
Gauge 14 stitches and 9 rows = 4" in Herringbone

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