Friday, July 11, 2014

Postcards for Italy!

Ciao Bella from Rome!

Interior of the Colosseum
What an amazing city.  Each layer is built upon a ruin from a previous century.  And the food, oh so good!  

DH and I touring the Colosseum
Our first day here and we've already got out and about and saw this beautiful treasure.  It sits across from the Palatine Hill where Romulus and Remus started this fair city so much history abounds. 

More ruins, Julius Caesar is either buried here or was murdered here!

Met up with friends of the family Jasmine and Sarah and they showed us around the Trastevere neighborhood where they went to the John Cabot University for 5 weeks!

Gellato is a dietary staple!

Basilica Di Santa Maria in Trastevere
An amazing gold mosaic of Christ and his mother decorate the apse in this ancient basilica.

Here I am in front of the Basilica Di Santa Maria

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