Thursday, April 3, 2014

a Hand Knit Apiary

Buzzing bees busily pollinating your garden, create this scene with your knitting. 

When not knitting many knitters are avid gardeners.  This Spring think about planting flat shallow blossoms such as zinnias or daisies to attract honeybees. Then create your very own Apiary with your knitting needles!

Beekeeper Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits
Tiny Owl Knits' delightful Beekeeper's Quilt is made of tiny stuffed honeycomb shaped pockets.  A great use for your left over sock yarn, a perfect travel companion and a relaxing knit to enjoy with tea and honey.

Chris Carroll's Honeycomb Socks
Another travel ready companion are socks and Chris Carroll's Honeycomb Socks are the perfect ode to spring and our buzzing friends.  Knit them in your favorite Fingering Weight yarn. 

Dawn Brocco's Beehive Tea Cozy
And keep your tea warm with Dawn Brocco's whimsical Beehive Tea Cozy.

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