Monday, October 7, 2013

3 New Lace Projects from Fiber Dreams

Calling all Lace Knitters 
Inspired by nature, travel & literature Laura Patterson offers you lace projects that are as beautiful as they are intriguing to knit. Knit in either a lace or fingering weight yarn create one of her latest designs for yourself, or for that special someone.

This crescent shaped shawl is worked from a long cast on, through the lace and garter stitch short rows for shaping, to the bind off edge.

Matching Moonvine cowl and Sunspots fingerless mitts make a very thoughtful gift.  A night-blooming morning glory? A bit of a contradiction, but there you go. But oh! can’t you just imagine the pure white blooms reflecting the light of a full moon? When planted on a trellis with any day-blooming variety, you’ll have showy blossoms from night through morning’s light. Lovely.  Moonvine is knit in the round, starting and ending with just a touch of garter stitch to help prevent curling. Once past the edging, every row is a pattern row—if you want to rest, you’ll need to take this into the garden when the morning light is full on your blossoming vines.

Sunspots are a bright orange variety of morning glory, another of my favorite flowers. Their small, brilliant blooms greet the sun each morning with a dazzling display.  Mitts are worked in the round in an all-over pattern, resulting in mitts that work equally well on either hand. Thumb gusset is worked in stockinette stitch.

Cecily is worked in two pieces, each worked from the outer edge to the center. The two pieces are grafted together to form the finished shawl. The nupps are only on the outer edges. As each side the shawl progresses, the stitches become simpler.

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