Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Win a Jane Thornley Pattern!

We have the 3 Winners!

1st eBook of their choice: pelicanknits
2nd any Jane Thornley Pattern (not an eBook): Tapley’s Design or Shellca on Rav
3rd any Jane Thornley Pattern (not an eBook): Grammye

Please email me at Sandrasingh@sandrasingh.com with the name of the pattern you desire!

And Thank You to everyone who entered!

Welcome to the World of Jane Thornley
Where Color & Texture Abound!

I've had the pleasure of working with Jane since 2006!  And I've immensely enjoyed introducing each of her new designs to you.  To celebrate this 7 year collaboration we've put together this Giveaway for 1 of Jane's eBooks and 2 more of her Patterns, all the prizes will be the winner's choice!

The lovely Jane modeling her Northern Woods wrap which is a pattern in her Knit Me A River Evocative Guide.
Meet Jane: Born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I began my knitting life at twenty-one years old with my first project – a trunk warmer for an elephant. Supposedly a sweater sleeve by intent, the fact that my hands had created this miraculous piece of slubbed, apricot-coloured, textile overrode niggles of disappointment.  My passion for yarn had begun.

I took extension courses through the Nova Scotia School of Art and Design but, with the help of my mother and so many wonderful books and magazines, taught myself most of the beading, embroidery, sewing, painting and drawing techniques that have since embellished the otherwise plain surfaces of my life. Give me detail to austerity any day. Something to catch the eye, draw the attention deeper into the subject, is my preferred aesthetic. My early multi-coloured sweaters (pictured on this site in my first exhibition at the Mary Black Gallery) contained as many as 50 different colours of yarn. For me, colour and texture rule and most of the inspiration feeding my imagination comes from the natural world. I see knitting as art, as viable as any other, and no matter what the tool or preferred palette, in human hands, magic happens.

Creating jewelry is a relatively new passion, though a natural extension of my love for colour and texture. My bead drawers brim with semi-precious stones, pearls and metals from all over the world which lure me to compose talismans of adornment for otherwise bare necks and wrists. Wherever I travel, I find inspiration and more beads to weave into something to celebrate the rich global trove in which we live.

Besides jewelry creation and knitting, the latter of which has sustained me on the parameters of many demanding executive careers in public education, I also write women’s fiction.  Seven novels, a few agents, and a tendency to focus more on writing than the business end of becoming published, and I’m still authoring at least one novel a year. Once upon a time, I was listed as one of the most popular authors in fiction and mystery on the now defunct Time-Warner website, I-Write. I am currently also working on a book for knitter’s tentatively entitled ‘Adventure Knitting’ which takes the knitter on a ride through the textural landscape of novelty yarns. Check my journal for more on current writing projects.

Besides a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in English and a Bachelor of Education, I hold a Masters of Library Service and spent many years as the passionate advocate of school libraries. Like so much of human experience, after a certain steam burns away, what is left hardens to the core. Adhered to mine, then, is the love for books, learning, and the celebration of the human voice through words or art. Only recently have I come to fully live what I believe.
My wonderful, supportive husband, John --a talented stone mason, painter and cabinet maker in his own right--and I live on the edge of the Partridge River, in a place that has become a sanctuary and an inspiration for us both.  Jane 

Please take a moment to explore Jane's collections.

Inner Circles eBook
Jane is the master of "themed collections" and features them in her beautifully written eBooks.  

Falling Leaves and Winter Frost Capelets
A delightful collection of Capelet designs await your cold shoulders!

Medici Jacket
"Sophisticated statement pieces" is an apt description of Thornley's Cardigans & Jackets collection.

Water Garden Shrug
The Water Garden Shrug is one of Jane's most popular designs, the pattern includes two versions.  And her second shrug, Monet's Pool is also well loved.

Tuscan Cowled Tabbard
Jane's Tops collection has garments for each season of the year.

Sea Glass
A versatile Vest is a must for everyone's wardrobe and Thornley's designs are not only unique works of art but functional as well.

Bohemian Sundance
And with 12 different Wrap designs to choose from you're sure to find one that you adore.

Enter this Giveaway: The more ways you enter, the more chances you have to win. Make sure to leave a comment(s) under this blog post telling what you did to enter. And please make sure to leave your name and check this blog, Facebook, Twitter and my Ravelry group on October 4th to see if you have won.

The 3 Winners will be announced Friday October 4th.  

Take a look at Jane Thornley's pattern collection and tell us which is your favorite and why. 
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Roylene said...

I love the sea glass top, I am a sucker for simple basic lines.

AnnetteinFL said...

I love the Tuscany tabard the colors are magnificent. AJne has a fantastic sense of color.

MaineDruid said...

I love everything Jane Thornley does; but since I'm drawn to autumnal colors and themes, I'm most attracted to the leafy capelet and the tabard-style vest.

Carol said...

I love Inner Circles. It is so happy and looks like fun to make!

Diana said...

I'm fascinated by the medici jacket.

Susie B said...

I love the Bohemian Sundance. It makes me smile.

Knittingdancer on Ravelry said...

I am a member of your Ravelry group.

Grammye said...

I love your Inner Circles ebook! What beautiful designs!

MaggieBelize said...

I love *all* Jane Thornley's patterns - but my current favorite is the Sea Glass Vest. Keeping my fingers crossed for this contest!

MaggieBelize said...

I "liked" your Facebook page (as kNotes for kNitters)

MaggieBelize said...

AND I posted the contest on my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/kNotesforkNitters

(I really want to win a pattern, can you tell?)

Anonymous said...

The SEA GLASS vest is so inviting. I love the way it moves...just like the waves on the shoreline. It gets my vote for favorite!

niblet007 said...

I love the inner circles shawl because it's so lacy and intricate.

niblet007 said...

I love the inner circles shawl because it's so lacy and intricate.

Anonymous said...

I love the sea glass vest and the Peacock swirl shawl

Alexandra G said...

I love the tabard, I would love to knit it. A little bit of history.

JoanH said...

I have the Sea glass vest for my daughter-in-law. I love the tabard and shrug for myself...

Anonymous said...

I love the Sea Glass vest. The colors are beautiful and it would be a great addition to my wardrobe. I have "Liked" your Facebook page.

Beth Rudo said...

I love the Blue Sky Over Sienna pattern. The Sienna jacket is a close second

Linda said...

I like the Bohemian Sundance Wrap.

lmecoll on Ravelry

Knittingdancer on Ravelry said...

I follow your blog via email.

Shirley said...

I like the Falling Leaves.

mva5493 said...

first I want to say they are all lovely.....but I am drawn to peacock furls wrap....love it.

Anonymous said...

I like the Water Garden Shrug. The Shrug is a different type of garmet and I love the uniqueness of it. It would be warm but not hot.

Doris said...

I am a "Jane" follower & have many of her guides - I love the colour & flowing easy construction of many of her pieces, both from a knitter & wearer standpoint


Knittingdancer on Ravelry said...

I receive your newsletters.

CeltChick said...

I like the Tuscany Tabard. And the Sea Glass vest...but I think the Sea Glass would be more flattering for my shape.

Susan Stark said...

Love the Medici jacket and now have a serious addiction to Bloom. I posted the contest on my FB page, too.

hemleeck said...

Love the sea glass top, too. Love the colors in it and the simplicity and beauty of the construction. Posting contest on FB, too!

schwip said...

I like the Autumn Grasses Cardigan

schwip on rav

Tapley's Designs said...

I just love Jane Thornley's "Winter Frost & Falling Leaves Caplets". With interesting textures and pattern variety, this is a winner for me, and so easy to wear ♥

Ravelry: Shellca

Susie Rose said...

Water Garden Shrug strikes my fancy. I'm spinning up a bunch of art yarns that would go well with this pattern.

Debbie said...

Sea Glass is my favourite. I love the colours and the lines!

Debbie said...

I'm your friend on FB!

Debbie said...

I like your FB page!

OceanKnitter said...

I'm a bit in love with the Peacock Furls Wrap. Beautiful!

Knittingdancer on Ravelry said...

My favorite pattern is "Come Spring Lacy Vest". It looks like a great pattern to knit for a little extra warmth across the back.

pelicanknits said...

Medici jacket and Tuscany shrug. I love Jan's patterns and hope I win

pelicanknits said...

I WON,,,,,