Saturday, June 29, 2013

Meet Ivete Tecedor of Chiagu: the talent behind Loida

Ivete modeling Loida 
shown in Sandrasingh Lace Fresh Lime

This is a good time to introduce Ivete Tecedor the designer of Loida and the talent behind her design company Chaigu. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her since Sept. 2009 and I was ecstatic when she agreed to design an exclusive pattern with my Lace thus Loida was created!

Meet Ivete: Based in New York City, Ivete Tecedor has been designing since 2001 and self-publishing knitting patterns since 2005. She loves yarn even more than she loves knitting, so her designs often feature gorgeous yarns in simple silhouettes that really allow the yarn to shine through. Handpainted and variegated yarns are well-represented in her patterns, especially her favorite yarn ever, Koigu KPPPM. One of her designs, the Tramonto shawl in 14 colors of KPPPM, won “Best in Show” at the Juried Knitting Exhibition at Kiana Malekzadeh Gallery in 2005. Ivete was one of the original knitbloggers and has been blogging about knitting since 2001, check out her website and blog.

What does her name “Chiagu” mean? The word itself doesn’t mean anything, it’s a phonetic spelling of the Brazilian name “Tiago,” which for years has been Ivete’s favorite name. She just loves the way it sounds! As you plan your fall projects you’ll be delighted by the shawl & wrap, sweater & shrug and accessory designs of Chiagu.

Let’s all show Ivete the love she deserves and add your Loida project to her pattern page on  Ravelry!

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