Sunday, April 14, 2013

Flapper Madness: Clara Cloche

by Theressa Silver 
Invented in 1908 by milliner Caroline Reboux nothing defines the roaring 20's Flapper's style like the Cloche.  This fitted, bell shaped hat kept their bobbed hair neatly in place as they feverishly danced the Charleston!  Bring your inner Jazz Baby to life with Silver's Clara!
  Clara is part of the new eBook Hat Couture which features 13 timeless designs.

If you only wear hats to keep you warm, Theressa Silver's eBook Hat Couture will truly turn your head around.

Designer Silver starts from the assumption that a hat is a statement piece. A great hat projects style or courage or mischief or sultriness—or all of the above.

Are you feeling more like Marlene Dietrich, Lucille Ball, or Grace Kelly today? Make a hat for every mood. Silver’s clear, easy-to-follow instructions allow even beginners to knit and embellish their own stunning toppers.

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