Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rhinebeck 2012 or "Did you knit that?"

We love going to Rhinebeck, even my DH enjoys it though he could care less about knitting and fiber, but he gets to take photos and sample the local wines.  This year upon my arrival I saw a woman in a gorgeous crocheted lace top, similar to what I've been seeing a lot of in stores, so I immediately asked her if she had crocheted it and what was the pattern etc, to my surprise she had not, but purchased it.  This got me thinking, how many of these gorgeous hand knit sweaters and shawls I was seeing everywhere had been knit by the wearer?

To my pleasant surprise lots of Rhinebeck goers were willing to play along when I asked "Did you knit that?" and allow me to photograph them for my blog.  There are lots of talented knitters out there and I want to thank everyone of them who took a moment to pose for this post.

Allegheny by Thea Coleman
Isn't this dress stunning?  She knit it in Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage in the Cousteau colorway.  Even as I was photographing her she was getting compliments on it!
Forest Fiesta by Sandra McIver
This is Sara, and she knit her Forest Fiesta cardi in Fiber Arts Yummy yarn, I love the bright colors she used.  

And I absolutely adore this bright yellow!  The design is beautiful too and the little blue pin to close it is fantastic.  This Rhinebecker couldn't remember the pattern name, people had been asking her all day, I bet.  But she did knit it in a Manos yarn. 

Red Queen by Lorraine Condotta
Isn't this pullover stunning?  The shoulders have little button details that my cell phone camera didn't catch.  She knit it in Brooklyn Tweed Loft.

UPDATE!  Tasha, the knitter and model in this photo was kind enough to email me these details on her beautiful pullover..."Just wanted to give you more info if you wanted it. My name is Tasha, and my blog is By gum, by golly:  http://blog.bygumbygolly.com. I primarily blog about vintage things, including vintage-oriented knitting and some sewing. The pattern is Red Queen by Lorraine Condotta, on Ravelry here, though obviously I modified it a bit to be more 40s styled. And it was knit in Brooklyn Tweed Loft."

Sheep Sweater - a vintage pattern
This lovely lady is Anne, a long time knitter and fiber artist from Yorkshire, England.  She has this pattern tucked away some where, and she has had it for quite a long time.  When she turned around you saw the rest of the sheep and it's tail!

Sasha Kagan Zigzag Skirt
When I met Diana I just had to ask her, what came first her fantastic skirt or those really cool boots, she knit the skirt first and just had to get the boots the moment she found them. 

Kerchief knit in hand dyed yarn.
I'm really hoping this woman will email me with more details.  She knit this kerchief in her own hand dyed yarn.  But what really makes this story interesting was her dying technique, she divided the skein into three parts and dyed each separately, yet still connected, in these colorways, thus, this is one continuous knit!

When I wasn't taking photos of beautiful knitwear I was checking out stalls and stalls of stunning fiber and of course the animal scene.

Richard Ashford
There are always spinners are Rhinebeck, usually women, so it was fun to meet Richard.

And lots of angoras, its no secret I love these rabbits...some day I'll own one.  

But until than I'll have to be happy with a pair of bunny slippers!

Last year my DH told me he had seen a kangaroo.  So this year I made him show it to me.  Not only a kangaroo but lots of exotic animals....

You never know what your going to see next at Rhinebeck!  

All and all we had a great day, the weather was perfect and it was topped off by the Cooperative Press' Rhinebeck after party where I got to meet lots of fellow Ravelers and some rather famous knitters, but at that point by cell phone was dead so no pics!  

So I'll leave with the kangaroo!


Julie Witt said...

Great pics! Thanks for sharing.

grandmastatus said...

Seriously wonderful coverage of an event I've heard tons about but never attended personally. I'm so glad those knitters were willing to pose for a picture and share their talent with us. ♥

Araignee said...

What a great idea! I spent the day being chased off by vendors who did not want photos taken of their goods. I came home disappointed by what I did manage to get photos of-which was next to nothing. I should have stuck to the folks who had something they wanted others to notice.

Gracey is not my name.... said...

I saw the skirt and boots combo and pointed them out to my friend..loved them!

skoots1mom said...

what beautiful pics...
loved all the handmades!
it has inspired me to start a sweater

Susan said...

Everyone looks awesome, but that sheep sweater stole my heart!