Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yarn Bombing!

There isn't anything a yarn bomber won't try to bomb...
From a wing back chair...

This beautiful yarnbombed chair was created entirely of recycled crocheted potholders all made by one elder woman . It’s called ‘The Grandma Chair ” .The potholders were recycled and upholstered by the Swedish firm ” Design By Leftovers . ”

To an entire building!

This is an entire yarnbombed building in Zaragoza Spain - yarnbombed Sept 13 through ” The Assault Festival Of Street Art ” . This is 50 square meters and was knitted and crocheted over 5 months by 100 woman . The light colors express our joy and the dark colors express our fear and frustration . Urban Knitting Zaragoza , Bilboa , Castellar and others .

 And everything in between. 

BTW this hood ornament is one of the classiest yarn bombs I've seen!

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