Thursday, September 27, 2012

Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival

About a year ago, while out shopping, I thought I saw a Nun, no big deal, except she wasn't a Nun, her head covering just resembled a habit.  But it made me realize, it had been years since I had seen a Nun in public.  I know, their rules have changed and they're not required to wear their habits in public any longer.  But its always nice to spot a real, live Nun!

Fast forward to this past weekend.  My DH and took a drive to upstate New York to the quiet city of Greenwich for the Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival.  To my surprise I not only saw a Nun, I saw more than one, and I saw one spinning!  

The Nuns at the Community of St. Mary raise goats!  They sell the cashmere fiber and spin it into yarn.  I spoke to one of them and she told me when she's out in public wearing her habit she gets asked a lot if she's Nun. 

These are some of the sister's goats.  See the big one, who is staring at my camera, handsome as he is he's a "bully," gleefully head butting all these smaller goats in his pen. 

Besides looking at all the gorgeous yarn I love visiting the livestock. 

I always leave wanting my very own angora bunny, but its not in the cards at this time.  These two adorable rascally rabbits are on sale from Dawn of "Furry Face Fibers," watch for her Facebook page, its under construction.

But about the only livestock I can own is one of these sheep soaps!


Anonymous said...

And they were selling some lovely cashmere and other fiber!

It was a really nice show, great weather and great vendors! We will attend next year for sure!

Furry Face Fibers said...

cThis is wonderful. I am happy you liked the festival and so happy to see my girls (bunnies) on your blog!! Keep blogging!

Furry Face Fibers