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Layering Made Easy: Spring Knitting Forecast

Welcome to my March, 2012 Newsletter, we'll be discussing new light weight fashions perfect for transitioning you from the lingering days of winter to the longer, sunnier days of spring. Knitwear and especially lace remain popular staples for Spring (and Summer) and adding bold pops of bright colors is a designer favorite and a great way to get more mileage from your wardrobe.

In This Issue: Layering Made Easy / Dragonflies: The Illusion of Light / Malabrigo Pre Order Sale /

Layering Made Easy
Three distinct styles, one
simple goal, layering made easy. Jane Thornley's new, easy to wear Tuscan Cowled Tabbard is the perfect transitional piece. If, like Thornley, you're always searching for something other than a jacket to wear on those not-quite-balmy days between seasons, something warm but not too heavy, and full of texture and color, enter the tabbard, a vest-like garment that can go anywhere. Fastened at the sides by a single button or perhaps sewn at the edges for a more fitted look, Thornley's Tuscan Cowled Tabbard is perfect over jeans, leggings, and pants. And what's even better, in true Jane Thornley fashion, it's easy to knit and perfect for a mix of yarns and colors.

Tuscan Cowled Tabbard

Wrap Chaya around your neck first thing in the morning as you leave the house, and wear it home early evening draped lightly over your shoulders. Suitable for all yarn weights, the two halves of Chiagu's new Chaya Shawl are knit in different directions to play with a self-striping or handpainted yarn. Simple garter stitch interspersed with dropped stitches make this an easy project to knit.


And because it’s knit in two halves, you can easily make it as big, or as small, as you want with whatever amount of yarn you have. Go wild playing with yarn and colors, knit Chaya in a bold spirited hue to add a pop of color to your everyday look, or go for a versatile neutral, you'll enjoy the entire process from planning to knitting to wearing Chaya!

And LANG Yarns' Wrap Around Cardigan is a timeless classic that will take you through your day and the changing seasons with style and ease. The pattern uses a brioche rib stitch with a cable design. Work it in your favorite mohair, silk blend yarn to give it a soft halo or a plied 100% merino yarn for a smoother fabric. The pattern includes 4 sizes from XSmall to Large and its a very flattering, easy to wear shape for all body types.

Wrap Around Cardigan

Dragonflies: The Illusion of Light
Dragonflies symbolize the illusion of light, thoughts and dreams in HeartStrings FiberArts' knitted interpretation Dragonfly Dreams Lace Scarf featuring lace, beads and Estonian gathered stitches.

This design combines lace eyelets, beads, decrease stitch outlines, gathered stitches, stockinette and garter stitch to provide the details of the dragonflies against a ground of reverse stockinette. The dreamy reflection of light and shadow is framed with columns of small beads and gathered stitches.

Dragonfly Dreams Lace Scarf

Malabrigo Pre Order Sale
Malabrigo March is here which means its time to save big and stock up on Malabrigo Yarn! With the Pantone Fashion Color Report as their guide Malabrigo has been fast at work dreaming up new colorways for Spring, Summer and Fall 2012.

Taking cues for nature's landscape strong colors abound ranging from tangerines, solar powered yellows, bright chartreuse and Olympian blues contrasting with softer marine greens, rose pinks and shy lilacs & grays. Malabrigo's new mix of variegated and semi solid colorways give a fresh take on both these vibrant and quiet shades. Visit to see their entire line, then return to to Pre Order your favorites.

Merino Worsted alone has over 100 semi solid and variegated colorways available, enjoy browsing, they're neatly organized by semi solids and variegated shades.

These are two of my new favorites.

Comfort Junkie features rich shades of gray and black.

And Colorinche a sweet melding of rose and purples with a hint of mint.

Lace also has limitless possibilities with over 100 variegated and semi solid colorways, here are my 2 new favorites, Nostalgia and Carine.

Bring back fond memories with this lovely blend of blues with yellow in Nostalgia.

And a delicate gray with purple undertones make Carine.

And Silky Merino has over 60 colorways to select from, here are some of my favorites, Pradera, Coral, Lilita, Evening Violet and Manzanilla Olive. Visit to view them all and then return to to Pre Order your favorites.

An easy way to add a dash of the popular orange color into your wardrobe with this sophisticated semi solid colorway Coral.

And for green lovers the earthy semi solid Manzanilla Olive.

This year you can Pre Order the yarn Arroyo, Rios, Sock, Merino Worsted, Lace and Silky Merino at these savings…
Save 10% On Single Skeins

Save 15% on a Half Bag of 5 Dyeloted Skeins

Save 20% on Full Bags (either 10 or 5 Dyeloted Skeins)

I am also closing the Twist and Rasta bases and all existing stock is now 35% Off.

Sale ends March 18th and the order will be placed with Malabrigo on March 19th, delivery will be about 12 weeks later in early June. Payment is made when the order is placed.

NOTE: For the most part the colorways shown in each listing are in stock, visit to see all available colorways.

In a single order you may order any amount of single skeins, half bags and full bags. Simply make your selections in the Drop Downs in each listing and adjust your quantities in your shopping cart.

And of course I’m always available to help, email any time. I can send Invoices or even take your order over the phone call 877/519-1693.

Happy Creating!
Sandra Singh

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