Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Knitter's Spring Fling!

Let's continue with our Spring theme and our discussion on giving your wardrobe a fresh new look with easy layers.

Spring opens up with a flourish of joyful greenery. Celebrate with Jane Thornley's Come Spring Vest, worked side to side in a mix of lace ribbing and seed stitch featuring alternating colors of green braced by brown (or whatever you fancy), the bottom edging is picked up and knit afterwards in a leaf stem lace pattern. It’s an easy wear suitable for dressing up or down and those roomy armholes and absence of buttons offer an added dash of chic comfort.

Come Spring Vest

Or if you're dreaming of starting your day sipping a morning latte while lounging in a wicker chair in a sunlit conservatory, surrounded by framed watercolors of botanical scenes, you'll want to dress the part in Thornley's lacy creation the Botany Wrap. Joined at the shoulders, this simple lace rib design bears an intarsia framed botanical ‘print’ on it’s back.

Botany Wrap

Dawn Brocco's V-shaped shawl the Spring Lace Wrap is not difficult to knit, but it will keep your attention! The 2-row stitch pattern is adapted from Barbara Walker's Charted Knitting Designs and this shawl needs no edging, unless you desire one. This simple stitch designs lends itself perfectly to adding that bold pop of a bright color we discussed, picture it in a crisp electric blue or tangy tangerine orange!

Spring Lace Wrap

And Spring is the official start of baseball season! Hit one out of the park in Brocco's Sweatshirt Jacket.

Sweatshirt Jacket

Shakespeare said it best in his play Romeo and Juliet, "What's in a name? that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Rebecca Hatcher's lovely Spring Things Shawl, with its delicate scalloped edges, is just as lovely as the Spring Things Shawl, by Susan Lawrence of I'm Knitting As Fast As I Can.

Spring Things Shawl by Rebecca Hatcher

Spring Things Shawl by Susan Lawrence

And top off your look with Woolly Wormhead's Spring Cap, a great quick knit, worked in the round from the bottom up. Light and refreshing, and knit in only 1 skein of Schaefer's Miss Priss yarn this is ideal hat for spring. The knitted bobble is optional, and the hat can be left unblocked as a gentle cap, or blocked out to open the lace for a beret finish.

Spring Cap

And remember to set your clock an hour ahead when you turn out the lights on this coming Saturday night, Day Light Savings Time is upon us!

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