Thursday, January 26, 2012

I "Heart" You!

I hope you enjoyed my last post about heartfelt knitting project ideas for Valentine's Day.

Today I'm excited to share this news from Mountain Street Arts, the creator of custom Knitting Labels, just in time for Valentine's Day they've introduced a new style, "Hearts." Plus I've added 5 other new designs; a Shamrock, Ladybug, Monkey, Dog Paw and a Cup of Coffee!

And these labels will be quickly created especially for you and speedily delivered to your doorstep in time for you to stitch them into one of your Valentine Day projects.

I have even more exciting news! I've also added Mountain Street Arts' line of Custom Crochet Labels! Like the Knitting labels they are personalized with your name and created on eco friendly, natural colored, cotton twill ribbon that you can sew into your handmade garments.

You spend hours crocheting your handmade items to give as gifts, sell or keep for yourself. Why not personalize them with labels?

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