Thursday, January 19, 2012

25% Off Jojoland Consonance

Consonance, an agreement, harmony or accord, but also a lovely cashmere and silk blend yarn by Jojoland.

Consonance is crafted of a decadently soft blend of 50% Cashmere with 50% Silk at an affordable price to begin with and its now 25% Off. This lace weight yarn is smooth and soft and harmoniously knits or crochets into a beautiful fabric with a bit of a shine and a lovely drape. Its perfect for your next lace garment.

1626 Turtle Green

1622 Storm Blue

1618 Light Sage

1604 Opal Grey

Generously put up in 440 yard/400 meter skein, more than enough yardage for a one skein project, a project like Deborah Glaser's Seymour Shawlette.

Seymour Shawlette

Knit from the top neck down to the bottom edges the lovely Seymour Shawlette features three triangles made of solid stripes of stockinette stitch interrupted by a lace stripe that evokes tiny forget-me-nots and crowns, flowing into overlapping ovals and hearts at the bottom edges.

Seymour Shawlette

Or Sivia Harding's delicately beaded Confluence Shawlette, like bodies of water emerging from a single spring the panels of the Confluence Shawlette flow effortlessly from a few cast on stitches at center back. The simple garter stitch sides and borders combine elegantly with beaded lace, and additional increasing at the center panel provides for a wonderful fit. Beads are placed with the crochet hook add-as-you-go method.

Confluence Shawlette

Confluence Shawlette
Are wedding bells ringing any time soon? Whether you're the bride to be or a special attendee what better way to celebrate a new beginning than wearing one of these lace shawls knit in a yarn that means, agreement, harmony or accord, Consonance.

Both patterns are sold as PDF downloads that will be emailed to you after purchase with no shipping fees.

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