Thursday, November 3, 2011

20% Off Pigeonroof Studios' Sock Yarns

Celebrate your love of sock knitting with this special sale,
20% Off Pigeonroof Studios'
Circe Sock
and Original Sock!

Soft and squishy is the best way to describe Pigeonroof Studios' Original Sock yarn. This fabulous yarn is crafted of 100% superwash merino and lovingly hand dyed in exquisite colors. The short color repeats mean that Original Sock will knit up with minimal to no pooling or flashing into an absolutely gorgeous pair of socks! One skein will make an average size pair of adult socks.

Original Sock in Artichoke

Original Sock in Blossom

Pigeonroof Studios' Circe Sock is a superb blend of 75% superwash merino wool with 25% nylon, the nylon gives this incredible cushy and soft yarn an extra bit of strength. And the multi-plied construction makes cables and textured stitches really pop.
Put up in a generous 400 yard skein you'll love the amazing fabric it knits into.

Circe Sock in Harlequin

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