Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Learn to Knit Shawls" with Laura Nelkin

If you're an avid lace knitter looking to improve and enhance your skills or if you've always longed to knit lace Laura Nelkin of Nelkin Designs has an online class specifically for you. Laura teamed up with to bring you "Learn To Knit Shawls." This class is regularly $39.99, but as a special offer to customers its now only $29.99!

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With her years of experience in textile and apparel design, Laura Nelkin brings a unique understanding of yarn and lace to her lace knitwear designs and to this course. She will not only teach you how to knit triangular and semicircular lace shawls, but will also demonstrate how to wear these and many other forms of lace knitwear. An active knitwear designer, blogger, and workshop leader, Laura is the ideal guide for every stage of your lace knitting adventure, from learning to choose yarn and knit borders and edges, to reading multiple charts at once. Through your completion of two gorgeous lace shawl patterns, Skywalker and Clarus, you will learn many forms of increases and decreases. Laura will also share her tips and secrets for everything from placing lifelines and markers in your work to finding and fixing your knitting mistakes.



Meet Laura Nelkin: Laura lives in upstate New York, where the sunny season is short, leaving plenty of time to be indoors knitting. Though she has a degree in apparel design, she took to knitting seven years ago and hasn't looked back since. Laura is currently enamored with lace, and with incorporating beads into knitted jewelry, so most of her designs lean in this direction. She travels often to teach these techniques and more at workshops around the country. In addition to appearing in her own publications, her designs have been featured in a number of online publications, including Interweave,, Schaefer Yarn Co. and Creative Knitting.

Follow Laura and her design exploits on her blog (

Visit to register at this special price and visit Lace Weights to be inspired by all my lovely lace yarns.

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