Monday, August 22, 2011

Fall Fashion Trends: The Humble Cowl

Cowls have been popular these past few seasons with fiber artists, fashion designers and especially fashionistas! And for good reason, this humble accessory, approximately 22" long and knit in the round or knit flat & seamed not only keeps you warm but can totally transform an outfit!

As we've been discussing layering knitwear is a huge hit for Autumn, place a drapey cowl over a knit tunic or dress, a coat or jacket or even a simple top, add some even longer necklaces or boots, and you have an entirely new look.


Versatility is the key reason to love the humble cowl, longer styles like Knotsewcute's Infinity or Schaefer's One Skein Snood can be looped around your neck until your heart's content, but if you desire a turtleneck effect opt for the more fitted styles of Tiny Owl Knits' textured Bedknobs & Broomsticks and Knitspot's lace Bittersweet Vines, Cite' or Hoarfrost.

Bedknobs & Broomsticks

Bittersweet Vines



A taller style can create warmth, and add your bold statement to outerwear, Chiagu's cabled Vimioso and Tiny Owl Knits' playfully striped Ships & Seaside work beautifully.

Ships & Seaside


While the luscious over the shoulder styles of Sivia Harding's Harmonia's Rings Cowl, HearttStrings' Flared Smoke Ring, Army of Knitters' Citrine and Ilga Leja's Tundra can be worn alone over a sweater or with a cardigan over them for an even more interesting look.

Harmonia's Rings Cowl



New on the cowl scene is Freshstitches' December Pocket Cowl. Clever Stacey Trock, designer behind Freshstitches, took the fashionable long style and made it practical yet still versatile, her new design can be wrapped around your neck once or twice or left long over your shoulders, and the best part, it includes pockets deep enough to fit your hands.

December Pocket Cowl

Freshstitches is being featured on my blog this month and Stacey is giving away a December Pocket Cowl pattern and I've added 2 skeins of Malabrigo Merino Worsted to knit it in, enter at

Have fun, explore textures and shapes, learn to knit or crochet a new technique or two, cowls are usually small projects that work up fast and most importantly, enjoy. Visit Cowls & Neckwarmers to see all my designs.

And you may have noticed I've introduced the work of a new designer, Tiny Owl Knits! Over my next few newsletters I'll properly introduce you to Stephanie and her designs.


grandmastatus said...

lovely designs. also, i'm very excited to hear you highlighting Stephanie Dosen. Her knits are some of my favorites, and her group on ravelry is full of great people.

Sandra Singh said...

Yes I agree, I found her on Rav and I can't wait to introduce her properly to everyone!

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