Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Faroese Shawl Designs from HeartString FiberArts

I just added 5 new designs from HeartStrings FiberArts! Talk about perfect timing, check out these new Faroese Shawl and Comforter designs and than make sure to enter the Giveaway in the blog post below for the HeartStrings' Rainy Day Sock Kit.

And do you think you have time to whip one of these shawls up for a Mother's Day Gift?

Cascading Hearts

Cascading Hearts Faroese Shawl pattern features stockinette stitch knitted lace of interlocking heart motifs. The distinctive "butterfly" shaping of the Faroese shawl makes an exceptionally wearable garment because of the shaped shoulders and elongated ends for optionally tying around the waist.

As in all other Faroese shawls in the HeartStrings collection, Cascading Hearts Faroese Shawl is worked from the neckband down. You start with just a few stitches so that you can become familiar with your yarn and the stitch patterns. Different increase techniques are used in each pattern to achieve the traditional center back panel, side panels, front bands, and shaped shoulders.


Troika Wrap-Around Faroese Shawl is a wonderfully simple and fun shawl that is shaped like a giant butterfly. Knit in a 3-ball garter stitch technique from the top-down, this is a great pattern for using a mix of novelty and stash yarns. Shaping is done with simple yarn overs, and creates the traditional Faroese-style shawl with center back panel, side front panels, and shaped shoulders. The elongated front panels allow you to wear this shawl in lots of ways, including tied around the back.

Shetland Lace

Shetland Lace Patterned Faroese Shawl in garter stitch lace knitting incorporates traditional Shetland lace patterns of beads, diamonds and Madeira fans.
Top-down shaping of the center and side panels, front bands, and fitted shoulders achieves the illusion of bottom-to-top construction through the use of increases that look like decreases.

All Over Lace

Another of the popular HeartStrings Faroese shaped shawls, this time in an allover stockinette stitch lace version, thus aptly named All-Over Lace Faroese Shawl. The pattern begins with the center back neckband, then proceeds from the neck down in charming lace silhouetted heart motifs. Yarn over increases and the lace patterns themselves are used to shape the traditional center back panel, side panels, front bands, and fitted shoulders. This design adds a band of garter stitch at each side of the center back panel, giving further definition to the graceful lines of this shawl and the pattern is charted.

Warm Hearts Comfortghan

Warm Hearts Comfortghan is a lap blanket or afghan perfect for snuggling and its easy to knit and makes a great gift for loved ones. Here is a design for a handsome small blanket in a "warm hearts" theme appropriate for anyone. A bonus is that the stitch pattern is different yet pleasing on both sides — it's like getting two blankets for the effort of making one!


Kae said...

Pretty shawls. My favorite is the 'Troika' shawl. Please enter me for the HeartStrings Rainy Day sock kit.

Sandra Singh said...

Its actually the blog post below to enter, but I'll remember to add an extra number in the random # generator so you're officially entered.