Sunday, March 6, 2011

Win A Jane Thornley Pattern

Congratulations to our two winners!

MaggieBelize won the Knit Me a River Evocative Guide.

And Suburban Prep won the Watergarden & Shorelines Shrugs pattern.

Thank you to everyone who entered!

I've had the pleasure of working with Canadian knitwear artist Jane Thornley since early 2006! Her ethereal collections of garments and accessories drew my interest the moment I discovered them and she's one of the first independent knitwear artists whose work I added to my website. I've enjoyed watching her creativity and endeavors grow, besides developing new patterns each season multi talented Jane is also a novelist, crafts her own line of jewelry, writes articles for Ravelry's online newsletter "This Week in Ravelry" and organizes knitting tours & retreats to exotic locals.

Jane Thornley in Morocco

Jane has the unique ability to inspire creativity and a love of knitting in those who work her projects. Inspired by nature each of her designs focuses on a central theme and often includes free range knitting and other interesting techniques. Through each step she guides the knitter to find their own path and make her pattern, theirs. She discusses yarn selection and combining textures & colors in great detail to ensure a finished garment which will not only flatter and please the knitter but suit their personal taste and style.

For this Blog Giveaway Jane has generously donated TWO Patterns, her newest book, the Knit Me a River Evocative Guide and one of her most popular patterns, the Watergarden & Shoreline Shrugs, this means there will be TWO winners, the first name randomly drawn will receive the Evocative Guide and the second will win Watergarden. Winners will be announced on March 15th, learn how to enter below. Now lets meet Jane!

Watergarden Shrug

Jane Thornley: Born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I began my knitting life at twenty-one years old with my first project – a trunk warmer for an elephant. Supposedly a sweater sleeve by intent, the fact that my hands had created this miraculous piece of slubbed, apricot-colored, textile overrode niggles of disappointment. My passion for yarn had begun.

I took extension courses through the Nova Scotia School of Art and Design but, with the help of my mother and so many wonderful books and magazines, taught myself most of the beading, embroidery, sewing, painting and drawing techniques that have since embellished the otherwise plain surfaces of my life. Give me detail to austerity any day. Something to catch the eye, draw the attention deeper into the subject, is my preferred aesthetic. My early multi-colored sweaters (pictured on this site in my first exhibition at the Mary Black Gallery) contained as many as 50 different colors of yarn. For me, color and texture rule and most of the inspiration feeding my imagination comes from the natural world. I see knitting as art, as viable as any other, and no matter what the tool or preferred palette, in human hands, magic happens.

Creating jewelry is a relatively new passion, though a natural extension of my love for color and texture. My bead drawers brim with semi-precious stones, pearls and metals from all over the world which lure me to compose talismans of adornment for otherwise bare necks and wrists. Wherever I travel, I find inspiration and more beads to weave into something to celebrate the rich global trove in which we live.

Besides jewelry creation and knitting, the latter of which has sustained me on the parameters of many demanding executive careers in public education, I also write women’s fiction. Seven novels, a few agents, and a tendency to focus more on writing than the business end of becoming published, and I’m still authoring at least one novel a year. Once upon a time, I was listed as one of the most popular authors in fiction and mystery on the now defunct Time-Warner website, I-Write. I am currently also working on a book for knitter’s tentatively entitled ‘Adventure Knitting’ which takes the knitter on a ride through the textural landscape of novelty yarns. Check my journal for more on current writing projects.

Besides a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in English and a Bachelor of Education, I hold a Masters of Library Service and spent many years as the passionate advocate of school libraries. Like so much of human experience, after a certain steam burns away, what is left hardens to the core. Adhered to mine, then, is the love for books, learning, and the celebration of the human voice through words or art. Only recently have I come to fully live what I believe.

My wonderful, supportive husband, John --a talented stone mason, painter and cabinet maker in his own right--and I live on the edge of the Partridge River, in a place that has become a sanctuary and an inspiration for us both.

Rio Grande

Jane's latest pattern is the Knit Me a River Evocative Guide and it features two wrap patterns. Think of a sinuous river curling deep into the heart of a forest or through a desert canyon, sparkling like a jeweled ribbon of light. Now think how wonderful it would it feel to wear a river undulating over your shoulders or wrapped about your neck in an earth-mother hug!

This Evocative Guide features two wrap designs in two different shapes, Northern Woods is designed to flow across your shoulders or around your neck in a diagonal motion. While the Rio Grande flows in a longer shape, perfect for fastening with a pin or button. Both wraps are worked in free-range intarsia using simple stitches. In such a free-flow design it hardly matters whether you make one 20 garter stitches or 10. Mix color and texture to create a river of your own. Charts are provided but you may not need them.

All of Jane's patterns are offered as PDFs with no shipping charges, though I do offer the option to have them printed and mailed to you for a fee. Visit all her collections.


Jane's Books include 2 or more patterns centered around a theme and provide all the information you need to create each pattern!

Leaf Lights Evocative

It’s a jungle out there so why not go green, really green, by celebrating all things leafy? Three designs make up this evocative guide: a Giant Frond wrap, A Blade scarf and a Leaf Lights Kimono.

Feather & Fan Club

Join Jane's Feather & Fan club with three distinct designs. Her exuberant nature is released in the popular Organic Wrap design (updated with a few extras), is touched with a wee bit of Highland glory in the Ripenings Wrapped Shrug, and slips into something richly evocative in the Roving Moss cardigan. In every one, she challenges you to take risks, blend colors, experiment with textures and learn how to turn knitting into magic.


Knitaly: A Voyage to Tuscan Inspired Knitting features 8 patterns, 4 new (Painter's Vest, Florentinian Scarf-Lace, Grotto Scarf & Tuscan Olive Wrap) & 4 former offerings (Blue Skies Over Siena, Field Of Dreams, Medici Coat & Amber Onyx Wrap) with variations.

Here’s a pattern threesome designed as a homage to our gardens – a drapey shrug, a fitted top and a loose, flowing, over-top, a little something for you to grow from favorite yarns. Pick up your needles and watch them bloom.

The water's warm so let's knit a beach! If you can dream it, you can knit it. Learn how to knit with a guide rather than a pattern with this evocative knitting workshop/pattern that takes you to the beach of your dreams. Combined with a knitalong and online tips, you can have your own private virtual beach.

Surround yourself with beauty in one of Jane's capelet designs.


Arrive in style with one of these unique designs.

Field of Dreams


The perfect garment for every occasion.

Sunset Bolero

Cardigans & Jackets

Each of Jane's cardigan & jacket designs are a statement piece.

Autumn Grasses



Wrap yourself up in love with one of these free range knitting projects.

Amber Onyx

Make sure to stop by each collection to see everything!

Enter this Giveaway:
The more ways you enter, the more chances you have to win and make sure to leave a comment telling exactly what you did to enter. And please make sure to include your contact information. Winner will be announced March 15th and the patterns will emailed to the two winners as PDFs.

1. Leave a comment about your favorite Jane Thornley pattern, under this blogpost.
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suburban prep said...

So hard to pick just one pattern I like quite a few but I love the Medici jacket.
msgb245 at gmail dot com

suburban prep said...

I am a member of your Ravelry group.

suburban prep said...

I follow your blog.
msgb245 at gmail dot com

Carolknitssweaters said...

i really like the watergarden shrug

Julie said...

All the Knitaly patterns are gorgeous. Medici is one I would definitely knit.

Christine said...

I've always loved Seagrass. I saw it years ago, and have been saving yarns for it ever since. Just haven't made the move to start knitting it. I love her creations of color!!!

Ruby said...

I love the Knit a Beach - it is so peaceful and so much like the beach. I have you on FB, on Ravelry and I don't do twitter.

nanalisette said...

I love too many of these patterns to list just one, but the moss sweater is absolutely beautiful. Then the River pattern is too amazing. Forgive me for not listing the correct names of the patterns...I was too overwhelmed by Jan Thornley's talent.

Jessica said...

I was absolutely inspired by Field of Dreams; it opened me up to so many possiblities and awakened my color sense. Because of Jane I mix my yarns like paint now!

Jessica said...

I'm a member of your Ravelry group as "jesseknits".

Jessica said...

I follow your blog - honestly, I'm a devoted fan of your blog! Thank you for keeping it up to date - it's always a great read.

Jessica said...

I've signed up for your newsletter! Didn't know about that - I'm VERY excited!

Holly said...

I love that Watergarden and Shoreline shrug. But there are few of Jane's creations that I don't love. And I first heard of Jane Thornley's work by seeing a photograph of her moss cardigan here on Sandra Singh's site a couple of years ago.


Knittingdancer on Ravelry said...

I like the "road to Indigo--A Traveler's Vest" pattern.

Laura said...

I love "Four Winds" - the design, the yarns, the colorway! It's gorgeous.
lalekemo at frontier dot com

Anonymous said...

So many lovely patterns.

karen07825 at

Jean said...

I like your patterns and would like to try a few of them.Very interesting ideas. Jean

Anonymous said...

I really like the Culture Fusion. All of the colors are great and the textures created look amazing. tww2005 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I have blogged about the giveaway at...

tww2005 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I have joined your ravelry group and commented.

tww2005 at yahoo dot com

Em said...

LOVE the Four Winds shawl. Love love love.

(Rav: ahappyaccident)

colleen said...

Oh! YOu ask the impossible - pick a favourite JT pattern. If I had to choose, I think my current favourite would be Knit a Beach. Although I also love the Seagrass Capelet, Lapis Assymetrical, Sunset Bolero...

ginger s. said...

I really like the Medici jacket. I love the colors a the construction. I am Winterschild on Ravelry

Zilliah said...

My favourite has to be Leaf Lights Evocative, it's so wonderfully leafy!

zilliah on ravelry

rebelyarnmuse on Ravelry said...

I love the Riverstone vest. Simple and yet very interesting. It has a lot of appeal.

Joyce said...

It's so hard to choose just one pattern, but the Giant Frond wrap really struick me when I first saw it.

Diana said...

I'm fascinated by Four Winds.

Knittonits said...

Recently retired from Austin State Hospital after 20 years and now have some time to knit for myself - have been doing for others for many years and want to treat myself - choice would be the watergarden shrug. It is soooo me!
Thank you for the wonderful giveway!
Knitto in Round Rock Texas

MaggieBelize said...

Jane has designed so many beautiful patterns it's hard to choose a favorite ... but if I had to, it would be Riverstone ... or the Blue Skies Over Siena from Knitaly!

MaggieBelize said...

I've just joined your Ravelry group and introduced myself!

MaggieBelize said...

I'm now following you on Twitter, at @sandrasinghcom - can you tell I really want to win?

P.S. I assume you can contact me through my Google ID, but just in case you can't, my email is Maggie AT Happy Hands Store DOT com.

MaggieBelize said...

And last but not least, I've subscribed to your newsletter ... Maggie AT Happy Hands Store DOT com

renwoman said...

to echo many of the other comments, it is so difficult to pick just one, but if I had to it would be "Falling Leaves". What a marvelous and inspiring knitter Ms.Thornley is. I would love to win her book so I might learn to create a piece of my own. :)

Peg (mayounger on Ravelry) said...

I cannot choose just one! There are so many I would love to try. I jet Jane's newsletter. It would take me beyond my normal comfort zone! I already get your newsletter, and belong to your Rav group.

Anonymous said...

Culture Fusion takes my breath away

Ginny said...

What artistry! I am loving so many designs, but my favorites are the water garden shrug and the sunset bolero.

Diane Eskritt said...

I would love to win a pattern so I am leaving a message here AND I am a member of your Ravelry Group.

Dendiane said...

Love the sunset bolero, it's got great colors!

Candace said...

I love love love them all. Candy

aanderson said...

I love all her patterns have never been brave enough to try one. If I was going to pick one it would probably be a shrug.

Debbie said...

If I had to choose a favourite it would be "Sunset Bolero"! Hard to decide ... they're all really nice!

Debbie said...

I blogged about this giveaway on my blog.

Debbie said...

I joined "Sandra Singh" Ravelry group and introduced myself.

Debbie said...

I signed up for your Sandra Singh newsletter!

Debbie said...

For three more entries I've done the following:

5. Friend me on Facebook: Sandra Singh and say you "Like" my post about this Giveaway.
6. Announce this Giveaway (with the link) on Facebook
10. Sign up to "Follow my Blog."

Allabitrandom said...

I am torn between the Sunset Bolero and the Medici Jacket - but I love them ALL. If I HAVE to choose then Medici Jacket it is.

Scarf It Up! said...

How does one choose a SINGLE Jane Thornley pattern? Riverstone and Culture Fusion strike my eye TODAY, but that could change tomorrow. We call ourselves kindred spirits.

I'll be blogging shortly at Scarf It Up:

Marsha said...

I don't know how I have managed to miss this designer for so long. What beautiful designs.
1. I'm torn between Four Winds and Into The Garden.
2. I joined your Rav group after searching for some yarn and found that you carry it. Awesome!
3. I'm a blog follower now too
Sent a Freind Request on Facebook and will wait to like the post.
4. And finally have signed up for your newsletter. Can hardly wait for that to come. :-)
5. Mission completed, was able to LIKE the post on Facebook, only because they don't have a Love button like Ravelry does. :-)!

Thanks for the awesome opportunity.

Anne Arundel County said...

Impossible to pick just one fave!
But love watergarden

Diana (dianac on rav) said...

they're all beautiful; my favorite (for me) would be the watergarden shrug.

(just joined your Rav group and already receive the newsletter!)


grammynan said...

"Knit a Beach" would be my favorite but the Sunset Bolero is screaming for me to sink into my stash. Beautiful!

Sheep Rustler said...

Hi, I've just signed up for your newsletter and will be adding your blog to my blog list. I love these patterns, they are just my kind of knitting!!!

Ioannina Life said...

Some great patterns in there but my favourite of all is the Paua Shell Topper. It reminds me of the rich colours of the beautiful shell of my native land.

Texasknitster said...

Riverstone. For sure. Maybe. They are ALL beautiful so it is tough to pick just one!

Andrea said...

Four Winds is my favourite because of the beautiful range of colours and I can imagine being wrapped in it.