Monday, February 28, 2011

Knit Me a River...

Think of a sinuous river curling deep into the heart of a forest or through a desert canyon, sparkling like a jeweled ribbon of light. How would it feel to wear a river undulating over your shoulders or wrapped about your neck in an earth-mother hug?

Knit yourself one of Jane Thornley's Knit Me a River wraps and find out!

Rio Grande

This Evocative Guide features two wrap designs in two different shapes, Northern Woods is designed to flow across your shoulders or around your neck in a diagonal motion. While the Rio Grande flows in a longer shape, perfect for fastening with a pin or button.

Measurements: Northern Woods: 21"/ 53 cm deep at longest point x 55"/140 cm wide from end to end

Rio Grande: 65"/ 165 cm long x 14"/ 36 cm at widest part

Rio Grande

Both wraps are worked in free-range intarsia using simple stitches. In such a free-flow design it hardly matters whether you make one 20 garter stitches or 10. Mix color and texture to create a river of your own. Charts are provided but you may not need them.

Northern Woods

Northern Woods

20 pages of full-colored instructions, photographs, charts and inspiration for two designs, everything you need to knit yourself a river.

Pattern is emailed to you as a PDF after purchase with no shipping fees.

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