Friday, September 17, 2010

Harrowing Day Already and its not even 8am...

The events were put in motion late yesterday as I walked home from a shopping excursion. The sky looked like it should have been cold and drizzly, but it was hot and humid and I was over dressed in jeans and a tshirt. When I reached home I took Toffee out for a brief walk and we literally missed a torrential downpour by seconds. The guy who waited for the elevator next to me had just missed it too and now he had to go walk his two Yorkies.

I put on the local evening news and it was flooded with reports of a possible tornado touch down in Prospect Heights Brooklyn. People were sending in pics and video of downed trees, crushed cars, fast moving water and impossible driving conditions. And there was a tornado warning for Staten Island and some surrounding counties.

Flights were delayed out of JFK, LaGuardia and Newark and a tree had crushed some power lines along the LIRR route and that was stopped too.

Sadly a woman in Queens was killed when a tree fell on her car. The National Weather Service said it would assess the damage today to determine whether a tornado had actually touched down.

This brings us to this mornings events. Usually my DH walks the dog in the AM, but we had stayed up late and got up late so I took Toffee out for her morning stroll in the drizzle and gray. It wasn't even 8am as I approached the crosswalk at 2nd on 47th to hit the Katharine Hepburn Park when I saw my neighbor with one of those doggie strollers and a lot of dogs, more than her usual 2 or 3. I thought I'd cross and say hello.

As a heavy flow of traffic moved past us I noticed she begin to get upset and she started moving the opposite direction, one of her little dogs had gotten off its leash and was now heading across the busy street. She began screaming and luckily was able to stop traffic. I was able to pick up my dog and make it across too, I passed in front of a city bus that had missed her dog by inches and now the driver was turned all the way around in his seat looking back, I thought "$H!T I hope he doesn't move forward," but he didn't.

I made it across and got within a foot of the dog, but she ran away from me and all the rest of the people who were trying to grab her. As we made our way across after her she began to run and now a man and I were chasing her yelling "Stop that dog!" I ran right past my DH and watched as people tried to grab her, kick at her, anything to get her, she made it all the way to 3rd. By that time I didn't see how she managed to cross 3rd in rush time traffic, without getting hit, but she did.

My neighbor was able to get some one to take her other dogs and stroller from her and she ran past me, at this point people from our building began waving at us. The dog had ran to the door and some one had her.

My DH caught up to me by than and said at first he thought I was chasing our dog. Heaven forbid. I'd be sedated now, not blogging.

Our other neighbor came up and she's the one who had the rest of the dogs. She told us that that little dog was new and had just been adopted from a shelter. I haven't seen my neighbor yet but I hope to run into her later.

Hope everyone else had a quiet evening and an uneventful commute!

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Michelle said...

Whoa! I'm so glad you were safe from the storms and that the little doggie was safe.