Friday, August 13, 2010

Color Theory: Pink

I've finally found a moment to continue with my Color Theory posts, this week, Pink.
I planted these flowers in my garden a few years ago and they continue to bloom each spring, I can't remember their name or if they're supposed to be annual or perennial but with our fairly mild winters (last year was an exception) I usually get lucky with all my plant's life spans.
These two roses were planted at least three years ago. I put them in at the middle of my garden and they were quickly over grown. I have since transplanted them and they've really flourished, direct sun, extreme heat and all. This variety of rose likes to be watered which is a good thing as I like to over water!

And in the spring DH and I went hiking at Enchanted Rock, our very first visit. This pink granite is everywhere and this piece is rather small compared to most of what we saw. This is the area they mined for the sunset red granite used to construct the Austin Capitol building in 1882. Lovely land, a very easy drive and a great hike, plan a visit next time you're in Austin.

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