Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Step "Into the Garden" with Jane Thornley

HTML clipboardHTML clipboard"We all love gardens, those pockets of beauty that light our lives with color and bloom. Despite the grand gardens existing in the world, our favorites are usually our own, no matter how humble."
HTML clipboardCelebrate the greeness of summer with Jane Thornley's new book Into the Garden, it features a pattern threesome designed as a homage to your garden – a drapey shrug, fitted top and a loose, flowing, over-top, three little somethings for you to grow from your favorite yarns. Pick up your needles and watch them bloom.
HTML clipboardHTML clipboardJane's book is sold as a PDF download that will appear as a Link after purchase. If you pay via paypal make sure to hit the "Return to Merchant" button to generate the Link. If you pay via credit card the Link will appear after payment has been made.

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