Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Second Celebrity Sighting: Prince Harry

This morning DH had a race in Central Park. I noticed right away that it was larger than the race DH was in the day before and that Fox News was there. They weren't the only ones in attendance, Prince Harry of Wales was there!
At first I could only get shots of his back. I never did meet him, but he seemed very friendly.
Finally despite all the mean looking security trying to blend in I was able to get a pic of his face. He even ran the race.
This is Tom Cruise and his wife Katie, I didn't take this pic. But I did see him on the same day this photo was taken, its from last Monday June 21 and they're in the Village some place. I saw Tom later in the evening at the Mandarin Hotel at Columbus Circle. He walked right by me, wearing this same outfit shades and all, and I could have reached out and touched him, though I didn't!

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