Thursday, June 10, 2010

Color Theory: Green

Central Texas is bursting with color this Spring. We've been blessed with lots of rain, unlike last year's drought when our lakes and rivers were bone dry and our native wild flowers scarce. My daily dog walks have been festive and full of life and I've been having fun capturing the bright flora and fauna on my camera!

For once fashion has gotten it right too. This Spring we've bid farewell to the somber colors of last year and are gearing up for a fun neon fueled summer! I'm loving the Hawaiian Tropic prints and hues and the bold splashes of color I'm seeing in the magazines. I've not yet hit the stores, that will take place in a couple of more weeks, but I'm eager to.

Today I pay tribute to the freshest color of Spring: Green!
My neighbor let me dig up some of these agaves when I first moved in almost five years ago, they were quite a bit smaller back than.
I call this my Bird of Paradise bush, it has bright orange and yellow flowers (you'll see them when I do Orange), but that's not it's real name.
Fuzzy Lamb's Ear, yes it really is deer resistant.
This beautiful little fern was growing out of the side of Enchanted Rock, sheer granite, hows that for determination. DH and I went hiking there last Sunday and summited.
The rain has brought out the Cicadas too. Noisy little creatures who like to dine on my plants, but what goes around comes around, my dog likes to dine on them!

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