Monday, May 10, 2010

Introducing the designs of HeartStrings FiberArts!

A lot is going on this May, besides my 5 Year Anniversary and the launch of my own yarn line, Yarn, I'm very excited to tell you that the designs of Jackie E Schweitzer of HeartStrings FiberArts are now available on my website! HeartStrings FiberArts is best known for lace and beaded projects, but Jackie also offers you sock and garment projects.

She's a fiber enthusiast who loves all fibers equally, her projects range from decadent single skein projects done in qiviut to knits done in popular lace and sock yarns such as Lorna's Laces and Schaefer yarns. And her patterns are written to make yarn substitutions a breeze.

So relax and plan your next lace project! Lace lovers will adore her new scarves Crest of Waves Lace and Links of Diamonds, both projects are just right for summer knitting. Or knit one of her lacey shrugs, the Put on the Glitz or the beaded Hug-Me-Tight Fan Lace Jacket Wrap. If you love to bead Jackie offers many other beaded designs such as the White Lotus Stole, Beaded Lux Shoulder Shawl and many more.

Its always the right season for sock knitting and Jackie has two new patterns Glitz and Bead and the Erant Ankles Lace Socks. Her Basic Toe-to-Cuff Socks are wonderful for a beginner sock knitter while her Beaded Faux Argyle Socks are perfect for an experienced sock knitter looking for a new twist.
A special child will adore Jackie's new Technique Teddy Bear and you'll learn a new skill or two knitting it. There's also the precious Lace-edged Baby Blanket, another relaxing summer knit.

All HeartStrings' patterns are sold as PDF downloads that are emailed to you after purchase, meaning no shipping charges. So sit back, relax and browse today!

And my 5 Year Anniversary Celebration continues on Ravelry, stop by my group, and enter my "Ravelry Projects & Stash Drawing VII." Any purchase, whether its now a finished object, work in progress, skein of yarn or a purchased pattern is eligible to be entered and 3 lucky winners will receive a skein of my new Yarn!

Meet Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer: Spinning Straw Into Gold...Jackie E-S is a long-time knitting enthusiast who shares her love of knitting and experience through guild groups, classes, and networking with other fiber artists. In her past "real life" she was an information technology consultant.

Knitting has always been a relaxing and fulfilling counterpart to a sometimes stressful technical career. Jackie is also an avid spinner and often uses hand-spun yarns in her knitting projects, in addition to yarns commercially available.

Jackie E-S established HeartStrings to provide quality instruction to knitters who want their items to be special, as well as practical and enjoyable to knit. Knitters of all skill levels have been enjoying the knitting patterns designed and published by Jackie E-S / HeartStrings FiberArts.

With a background in music and mathematics, she enjoys capturing the melody of color/texture and harmonizing it with style and function. Jackie's career in computer systems analysis provided the analytical framework evident in her intricate, yet simple, designs now showcased in her growing roster of HeartStrings patterns.

All HeartStrings patterns incorporate master knitter techniques that minimize extra finishing steps. If you don't consider yourself a master at knitting, don't worry. These techniques are elegantly integrated into Jackie's designs and clearly explained in the pattern instructions. For less-experienced knitters, this is a way to learn new knitting skills. For more advanced knitters, you can benefit by seeing new ways to apply these techniques. You will find that HeartStrings patterns are a pleasure to knit, and the completed project will be a source of pride.

As a certified master knitter and teacher, Jackie continues to share her love of knitting and knowledge through design and publication of skill-building pattern instructions, and conducting workshops, programs and demonstrations. Her interest in the fiber arts extends beyond knitting and spinning to include weaving, dyeing and all needle arts. She also enjoys tournament contract bridge and music. Her most recent 'play' thing is a cajun (diatonic) accordion – She has a lot of practicing to do to get up to the tempo of the masters!

From Jackie — a brief commentary on individual creativity

"Rumplestiltskin wrote to me this week about "spinning straw into gold". Bob (aka Rumplestiltskin) turns out to be an admirer of my work and is an interesting intellectual as well. His statement about the role of individual creativity in an ever-increasingly technological society especially struck a chord …

Straw is just a metaphor for raw fibers, and gold is a metaphor for a finished commercial product … The craft of spinning by hand is rarely practiced in this country, I think, but it's not dead. Those who do it are really saying that technology will never entirely replace individual creativity."

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