Monday, December 28, 2009

My time in the Big Apple is winding down...

Here are a few highlights from my trip...
HTML clipboardWe had a private tour of the UN with one of DH's colleagues who worked for the UN's Security before joining DH's department. He told some great stories about doing security detail for the Secretary General and about some of the other heads of state he got to meet. He took us into the Security Council, both the large public room and the smaller briefing room where only important head's of state meet during times of crisis. We were warned not to take photos when we entered this smaller room, to bad, because I was probably sitting in a chair that Bill Clinton or Collin Powell had sat in!
HTML clipboarThis is the larger, public Security Council. The mural behind us was hung before the UN began worrying about offending various nations with various images. Now this mural would have never been hung in this room due to its religious nature.
HTML clipboarHere I am in the Delegate's Lounge where I suppose only Delegates are supposed to get to relax. BTW this furniture was a gift from Germany.
HTML clipboard

I also put Mr. Greenjeans aside for this trip since it was getting to big and bulky for travel and I started this Lace Ribbon Scarf, the pattern is free on Knitty. After many false starts and very emotional froggings I cracked the code of the lace chart and have knit over 20". I'm knitting it in Serendipitous Ewe's Fate Fingering in my exclusive color, Twilight Sky and I'm loving the way its turning out!

We had a wonderful Xmas day, went to see Up in the Air with George Clooney and than over to China Town for dinner. China Town was hopping! We found a crowded restaurant and figured it had to be good since so many people were there and had a delicious meal. We strolled the streets with other out-of-towners doing NY for Xmas and than headed home.

Yesterday we went to Soho to hit some furniture stores. We found a really great store with vintage furniture, clothing and home decor that was selling metal sock molds from the 1960s that were used in factories to create knit socks. No pictures yet, as soon as I get them hung in my office I'll photograph them.

And I have one more story to tell from the Sunday before last, we were shopping at ABC over on Broadway. We did our usual take the elevator up to the top floor than walk down floor by floor. I kept on seeing this woman I thought looked an awful lot like Uma Thurman. At one point I was walking right next to her and I said to her, “You look just like Uma Thurman,” to which she replied, “I used to.”

When we got downstairs she was a head of us and this mother daughter pair stopped, turned around as she went past and said, “That was Uma Thurman!” I had to ask them if it really was and they were 100% sure it was. DH was with me, with his camera and he refused to take a pic of her even though she wouldn’t have seen him do it!

Can you believe I told Uma Thurman she looked like Uma Thurman?!

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Ajit Singh said...

looks like you are about to give a speech at security council