Monday, October 12, 2009

Rhinebeck Countdown!

Only 5 more days until we'll be in upstate NY at the Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool Fest. This year DH and I will be accompanied by Darcy, the Knottyknitter, who is making her first trip here from sunny S. CA. Darcy is one of my Rav friends and this will be our first meet and greet in person!

I was at Rhinebeck a few years ago, before I blogged. Plans for this trip are in motion, the car is rented, the dog has a sitter, the camera is being repaired, all we need is the arrival of the big day. Lots of pictures will be taken thanks to DH, who is also a Rhinebeck veteran and I'll be sure to blog about our adventures.

Also, I'm one of official sponsors of the Rhinebeck Ravelry Party Saturday night at the Elk's Lodge! I'll be there so please find me and say hello, I'll be wearing a black tshirt with the logo on it and my Starky cardi.

I had hoped to wear my Mr Greenjeans but these dreams were dashed by the reality of my slow knitting. Though he is coming along nicely he is far from ready. As you can see, both sleeves are 9" and I've even started the cable pattern on one of them and I've picked up stitches for the shawl collar. But there is still no end in site.

I'm told the temperature could be as low as 43 degrees and rainy. So my Starky from long ago, plus a few other knit items will have to do!

Speaking of knit items very soon I'll be releasing my third Exclusive pattern! A shawl by Renee Leverington of Goddess Knits. Stay tuned!

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