Monday, September 14, 2009

Amy Singer of Knitty!

Yesterday I took a trip into Austin to visit the Knitting Nest yarn shop. Stacy, the owner was hosting a special event and Amy Singer was there! This is Amy, and it was my first meeting of knitting royalty! (Watch Stacy's blog or Rav group she has a shot of Amy, taken during this visit, wearing a crown!)

The book sitting next to Amy is one of the four she's written, Big Girl Knits. I really should have sat next to Amy in this pic, but oh well!

Any way, Amy is very nice and interesting to talk to. She's very proud of the work she's done on Knitty and told us more about the format changes she's made to make the site easier to navigate. Look for my upcoming ad on Knitty.

While at the Knitting Nest I also got to meet a couple of local Austin and San Antonio Ravelers! We enjoyed sitting & knitting together right along with Amy. Stacy has a very comfortable area set up with couches and coffee tables, making you feel right at home.

If you get a chance to meet Amy I say, "Do it!"


Susan said...


I'll look for Amy on ravelry...
I love San Antonio... It was so romantic when we were there a few years ago.

~ Susan

Christina Scovel said...

Sounds like a blast!